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Valentine Oreo Truffle Bombs

Valentine Oreo Truffle Bombs

Okay, maybe I’m wearing out the whole truffle idea, but I made some tonight for an American Idol party we’re going to tomorrow. And, since tomorrow is Valentines’ Day I made them pink with hearts on top! The hearts are just melted semi-sweet chocolate chips. Using a toothpick I drew whimsical hearts. Then placed them in mini cupcake cups.

This time I made two different fillings. The regular Oreos, and then the peanut butter flavored oreos. They’re great! I also bought mint Oreos…but have not tried them yet.

Oreo Truffle Bomb Recipe

This blog is not long, but I wanted to let you see a pic so you have ideas!

Oh! And my sis, Angie, is going to post on this blog once in a while too. She has some good ideas..especially cooking ideas!

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  1. Glenn and Angie says:

    ooh, cute. I was thinking you got store bought red hearts… i tried to find some of those tonight but they were all out… but that is really cute what you did. I am in the process of making mine right now

  2. What’s the recipe? Thanks,

  3. nikkigladd says:

    The recipe is actually listed in a previous post when I first made the truffles. I’ll edit the post to link to the recipe. :)

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