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Chocolate Heart

If you read my post on our family blog, then you will know that the pictured heart is what I made Ben for Valentines, and I promised to give the directions on this food blog. So here it is:

Valentines Heart:
Place stainless steel heart shaped cookie cutter on cookie sheet line with wax paper.
Pour melted white chocolate into the cookie cutter until 1/4 full.
Let cool in fridge till slightly hardened.
Take out of fridge and place filling on top of chocolate (i used oreo filling from truffle bombs)
Pour another layer of chocolate on top until you can’t see the filling.
Place in fridge again to hardened.
Once done, cookie cutter should remove easily and you can place on dessert plate and top with anything you’d like. Get creative!
Let it sit at room temperature before eating… or it will be too hard to bite into. :)

I used white chocolate colored with red food coloring to make it pink. It was gel food coloring.

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  1. Yumm–I’m adding the ingredients to my shopping list to make me one. So thrilled about this blog…the only problem is, it makes me so hungry whenever I read it!

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