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Death by Chocolate


Please click here for the updated recipe.

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  1. I have made this recipe before….same recipe but mine was called Brownie Trifle….I got it from the guy I babysat for in Franklin who used to be Michael W. Smith’s producer… is a recipe from MWS mom who included it in her cookbook, “Cooking with Smitty’s Mom”…..awesome.

  2. Matt Harmon says:

    I told you you would use a trifle bowl! Do you remember I got you that as a shower gift. I still don’t have one and I still want one so I can make your recipe. Love your blog and the title. I will be checking it now on a regular basis. I feel bad I served your husband just plain asparagus tonight. If I had only know to look on the blog for a recipe! Kate

  3. yum.

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