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What Would You Put on Your Panini?

When you have an extra $30 – $50, get yourself a panini press. We got our’s as a wedding gift and it is one of our most precious kitchen items. When we’re in need of a quick lunch or dinner, we’ll just get our panini press out and whip up a delicious sandwich! Now, regular sandwich bread that you would use for PB&J isn’t necessarily what you’d want to use for a panini. Instead, find a good Italian bread, or go to a bakery and pick up a sourdough loaf or french loaf… There are many options out there. Use flavored bread, too, to spice things up. In the summer, I’ll hit up the Wheaton French Market and buy a loaf from my favorite stand owned by Great Harvest Bakery. My favorites from them are the Rosemary Bread, Tomato Basil Bread, and Cheddar Bread. Just slap on some olive oil or butter, pick any fillings you’d like and slap the sandwich on the panini press to make yourself a delightful sandwich! You can even put a twist on the standard grilled cheese sandwich. Use a few different types of cheese and a spiced bread. The most recent panini we made was a ham and pepper jack cheese panini. It included lettuce too. :) What would you put on your panini?

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  1. I’ve made paninis on my George Foreman….I think it has the same effect, but I can’t be sure! I love paninis!

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