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MacGourmet – Recipe Organizer

Any food and Apple lovers out there must use MacGourmet to organize your recipes. I’ve been using it for a little over a year now and absolutely love it. Anytime I find a good recipe that I want to keep, I add it to my MacGourmet so I won’t chance throwing the recipe card away.

It’s also very easy to “drag and drop” recipes you find online into your MacGourmet recipe box. Give it a try! There are many more features to this program, such as easily creating shopping lists from the recipes you choose, organizing menus, rating your recipes, etc.

For those who are not Mac owners, then I suggest you buy one. :) Only kidding…. But, if you don’t have a Mac and own a PC instead, try searching for other programs out there. I know they exist.

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  1. amscarlson says:

    Nice look, clean and fresh. I didn’t even know about MacGourmet. Yet one more thing to love about the computer Ben talked me into (just kidding–I was already wanting one–he just sealed the deal).

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