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Simple Dinner Tonight

Dinner tonight was simple. I’m all about keeping things easy, especially after spending the last two days with a nasty cold.

Our landlord’s wife gave us some pastas and a jar of sauce that she bought from a wine store here in Wheaton. I was anxious to try them out, so I made the plain linguine and used the sauce she gave us called Rao’s Marinara.

Then, to make things even easier, I just served a pre-made bagged salad and prepared some beer bread from Tastefully Simple. I added some dried rosemary, garlic salt, and parmesan cheese to the batter to give it a nice complimentary taste to the pasta. Ben loved it.

So, it’s that simple! Who says everything has to be homemade?

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  1. looks/sounds good. is there a recipe for beer bread or is tastefully simple a website/magazine that i should know about? sorry for being so dense. maybe i’ll google it. :)

  2. Ben and Nikki says:

    Oh… Tastefully Simple is a direct selling company. It’s like Pampered Chef or Tupperware. Beer Bread is one of their products that’s a mix that comes in a box. You just mix in a 12oz beer (or soda) to make the batter. Pretty simple…tastefully simple! :)

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