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Garlic Cheese Bread Rollups

We had some pasta the other night and I wanted to serve some garlic bread with it. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to go to the store, so I pulled out my last frozen loaf of bread dough and made something up real quick. Keeping with saving money and using up leftover food, I included some mozzarella cheese that needed to be used, too.

I just thawed my dough for 2 minutes in the microwave as I do when I make pizzas. Then I rolled it out to as close as rectangle shaped as I could get and spread some olive oil and garlic salt on top. Then I sprinkled the shredded mozzarella and rolled it up like a jelly roll. Lastly, I cut the roll into 1-inch pieces and set them flat side down on the pizza stone. Then I baked them at 375 degrees for 20-25 minutes.

If I had pepperoni, I would’ve made my pepperoni rolls. Yum!

Maybe I should titled this blog “Things You Can Make With Frozen Bread Dough.” :)

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  1. That looks really good… I will be trying these.

  2. This is goin to sound so stupid but I’m not a seasoned cook yet :) but…where do u get ur bread dough? Can I find it at the Regular grocery store? I remember looking for pizza dough and was finally able to find some at trader joes.

    • Hi Doris,

      No question is a stupid question. :) Back when I posted this recipe, I would buy the frozen bread loaves at the local grocery store. I bought it at Meijer, but if you do not live near a Meijer grocery store, then I’m sure you can find frozen bread loaves also at Super Target, Super Walmart, or any of your local grocery stores in the frozen aisle.

      Hope this helps!

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