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M-dubs (Pickle Wraps)

I know it’s the day before Thanksgiving, so I should be posting more elegant recipes for the season. But, I live away from my family, so they wanted me to make two apple pies for tomorrow since they haven’t tasted it yet. I’ve already posted the recipe for the apple pie and I’m not really making anything else. Yeah, kind of uncalled for…for a person with a food blog. :)

So, I’ve decided to post some of the recipes my mom and my sister are making. Some are holiday-ish, and some are not. Since we all live apart, we like to eat those nostalgic foods we never get until we are together. One of these recipes includes the Pickle Wraps, named “M-dubs” by one of our west-coast friends, Pat. He was visiting me and Ben one year before we were married so I made pickle wraps to snack on. He never heard of such a thing and swore it must be a Mid-Western snack… hence “M-dubs” for MW (Mid-West).

Staying true to my theme, these are cheap and easy! Just buy the cheap package of sliced beef and spread cream cheese on each slice. Then you can choose how you want to serve them. You can either roll the beef around a whole pickle and cut it into slices, or buy a jar of pickle spears and wrap each slice around a spear. The latter is how we did them tonight.

Enjoy this M-dub treat! It sounds weird and not worthy of food blogging, but it’s delicious!

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