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Pretzel Rolo Bites

Pretzel Rolo Bites

We hosted the Ph.D. Christmas party tonight and asked everyone to bring either an appetizer or dessert. As I suspected, we ended up with way more desserts than appetizers, and then with much food left over. My co-workers will be happy since they’ll reap the benefits tomorrow.

One of the desserts I made is this snack I initially saw on Culinary in the Desert. The foodie, Joe, includes these in his annual Christmas baskets. They are so easy and after my busy week I just knew this had to be on my list of food to make for the party.

Coincidentally, someone brought a similar snack in to work today. They were identical except instead of the Kissables, she topped hers with pecans. They are delicious either way.

Pretzel Rolo Bites

Pretzel Rolo Bites

Simple, easy, fast, addicting. Couldn't ask for more this busy holiday season!

  • square pretzels
  • Rolo candy
  • Hershey’s Kissables or sliced pecans

Spread out square pretzels (or any flat-shaped pretzels) onto a cookie sheet. Preheat oven to 250 degrees. Place a Rolo on each pretzel then heat in the oven for 3 minutes. Take the pretzels/rolos out of the oven and gently press a Kissable (mini Hershey kisses) or a pecan on top of each Rolo. Let cool and store in airtight container.

Source: Adapted from Culinary in the Desert


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  1. Do my eyes deceive me or do these look yummy? Perfect treat to take to lunch on Wednesday!! Thank you for posting.

  2. Mm, I make these with kisses instead of rolos and m&ms to top them. So quick and easy and YUMMY!

  3. I’ve only seen them done with the pecan, but love the kiss idea, very festive…

  4. How fun and festive. I love rolos!

  5. Ive made these a couple ways. You can also press a festive colored m&m on top. I’ve also used a mini Reese’s peanut butter cup and a pecan, that one was delicious!!

  6. Where’s a photo of them?

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