Savory Mushroom Muffin Cups


These miniature mushroom muffin cups make a great savory appetizer or small bite. When deciding what I would make for dinner yesterday I realized I had an onion and mushrooms I needed to use before they went bad. I started doing a search for a mushroom recipe and came across this mushroom cup recipe. It […]

Valentine Oreo Truffle Bombs


Okay, maybe I’m wearing out the whole truffle idea, but I made some tonight for an American Idol party we’re going to tomorrow. And, since tomorrow is Valentines’ Day I made them pink with hearts on top! The hearts are just melted semi-sweet chocolate chips. Using a toothpick I drew whimsical hearts. Then placed them […]

Frozen Hot Chocolate


This has been the best week ever for the Food Network! Why? Because they have been featuring the one delicacy that we can all relate to…a food we all have craved at least once in our lives…Chocolate! It has been hard to pull myself away from the TV when show after show gave me inside […]

Oreo Truffle Bombs


This is my first post to the food blog, but it dates back a week ago when I intended to begin. For Super Bowl Sunday, we had 7 people over. Our evening snacks included shrimp cocktail, Eric’s bean dip, T’s spinach dip, cookies, cheese and crackers, chips, and my contribution… Oreo Truffle Bombs. And that […]