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Meat & Potatoes Stew

I found this very quick recipe on one of the many food blogs I read, called Our Sweet Life. When I say quick, I mean it’s quick to prepare but slow to cook. It’s a slow-cooker recipe. We really enjoyed this meal. Ben liked it more than me, but I think only because he is a guy and guys love their meat and potatoes!

Next time I will probably add some type of veggies…probably carrots. I also will try to thicken the sauce a little more.

As a bread lover, my favorite part of this meal was the bread bowl! I stopped by Panera Bread on my way after work and picked up two for $1.59 each. The baker even cut out a whole in the center of each bowl for me! So, when I got home all I had to do was fill the bowls!

Instead of posting the recipe on here, I’m just going to have you click over to Our Sweet Life‘s blog.

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  1. MrsPresley says:

    i really like carrots and onions in addition to potatoes in my stew…

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