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Penny Pincher: Split Your Meal

Okay, so my Penny Pincher ideas may seem pretty obvious and elementary, but I think we can all use encouragement to actually use the Penny Pinchers! Such as this one. When eating out with your spouse, or even a friend, try your best to just split your meal. We all know that most restaurants serve huge portions and charge too much. If you can agree with someone else, split your meal. It will save you money, and it will save you pounds (for those watching your weight).

Be careful, though… Trying to decide what to order may cause arguments. :) If you can’t agree, do not fight until you do agree, just go ahead and order your own meal. Also, if you do split a meal, please make sure you tip the server as if you both ordered your own. Don’t base your tip on the price of one meal! Yes, we’re trying to save money here, but we are also not going to be lame-o cheap-o’s.

So, if you decide to go out to eat instead of cooking a fabulous recipe you found on someone’s food blog, you don’t have to break the bank. Split your meal and save some cash. If you do, you can go out even more!

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  1. MrsPresley says:

    i agree. most of the time, the portions are way too large for one person; on the other hand, sometimes we like to still order one entree each, so we can have leftovers the next day :) oh and guess what? i recently found a blog that does “penny pinscher” posts!

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