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Penny Pincher: Ask for a Smaller Portion

When Ben and I went to Red Robin a few weeks ago, we wanted to get the onion rings as an appetizer. The waiter voluntarily offered a smaller portion to us at a cheaper price. This was not listed on the menu, but he said we could order any of the appetizers at a smaller portion (for two) and knock off a few bucks!

Other restaurants do the same…but not all. Although we normally do not order an appetizer when we eat out, it is an area where we can save money when we do. It’s sort of like a “secret menu” I guess. Doesn’t hurt to ask!

In addition, try asking for a lunch portion during dinner. Even if you missed the posted lunch hours, they might still let you get the lunch portion and price! I’ve done it myself. :) And, there are some restaurants who offer the Weight Watcher portions… which I look at as just smaller portions at a cheaper price, too!

Many ways to save!

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  1. no way! i love Red Robin’s onion rings, but we never get them because it’s such a huge portion. thanks for the awesome tip!

    p.s. you’ve been tagged!

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