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Penny Pincher: Whip Your Own Cream Cheese!

Wow.. it’s been a while since I’ve posted a Penny Pincher. I’ll have to apologize to my..hmmm…maybe two?.. readers who look forward to them. :)

This is a tip I learned from an article I read, and unfortunately I can’t remember the magazine! It’s such an easy idea, one that I surely could have thought of on my own…but didn’t.

Instead of buying the whipped cream cheese at the store, buy a regular block of cream cheese and whip it yourself! Either way you are buying an 8 oz package, but if you buy the block and whip it yourself (with an electric mixer) you will have more spread and pay a cheaper price. I noticed today at the grocery store that the 8 oz block of cream cheese is almost $1 cheaper than an 8 oz tup of whipped cream cheese.

So, take it or leave it! But, I say make the extra step…the pennies add up!

(Thanks for one of the photos, Cami, from Emotional Vomiting)

Update: Please see this link for instructions on whipping the cream cheese.

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  1. That’s a great tip. I love doing things that save some $$ in the grocery dept. I’ve found that while a a roast is cooking, or a stew is simmering, etc. it is easy to do simple things like this while your hands are free. Thanks for the idea!

  2. thanks for the tip!

  3. Big Boys Oven says:

    true very true! this is a good information!

  4. i never would have thought of this! thanks for the awesome tip :)

  5. in your tip you do not add in there you need to add 2- 3 Tbs of milk when you whip it otherwise it will still eventually harden , the milk helps keep it nice and soft and it whips much easier.

  6. Not sure how helpful this is, but in our town the whipped cream cheese is cheaper than the block. you have to check the price per oz or pound. Here, the whipped runs about $1.98 per pound, and the block runs about$2.19. Lucerne brand at local Safeway, Idaho panhandle..

  7. This creates runny cream cheese. Not whipped cream cheese. Whip it as fast and as hard as you want, it will never attain the mousse-like texture that the stuff from the stores has. I’m still looking for the secret.

  8. Awsome! Thanks!

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