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Ham and Cheese Panini’s

My in-law’s were in town last weekend. We made the trek to Madison, WI while they were here to see Ben’s brother and wife. Before we got on the road to start our 2 hour drive, I made a quick lunch out of some delicious french bread, maple ham, provolone cheese, lettuce and dijon mustard. Just a sandwich you say? No, a panini!

I love my panini press. Our good friends bought it for us as a wedding gift and I’ve used it many many times. In fact, I have posted about it before. But, so you can hear it again… panini’s are a great “go-to” meal when you need something quick with items you already have on hand! Mix it up! Be creative! You can even make dessert panini’s… maybe I’ll post one of those soon!
On another note. I normally do not bring my TV interests into this blog, but I’m curious how many of my readers watch LOST? What are we going to find out tonight!? I’m sure it will be a cliff hanger since we have to wait a month until the next one!

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  1. Just came by and want to say hello and everything looks yummy. I also like your layout. Have a good Easter! And no I don’t watch Lost.

  2. PaniniKathy says:

    I love my panini press too! Your ham & cheeses look great! I haven’t seen Lost, but absolutely everyone I know who watches it loves it – I need to put it on my Netflix and catch up.

  3. YUM! Nothing is more comforting than a good panini!

  4. Glenn and Angie says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE my panini press too. I was just able to get it out of storage about a month ago, so I am going to use it again here soon.. oooh maybe today! I am thinking maybe pesto mayo, chicken, and red pepper… mmmm Luve you sis!!!

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