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We’re Bored Cupcakes

Ben and I were in Tennessee visiting a couple of our best friends for the weekend. One couple is pregnant with their first child (it’s a girl!) and both couples have new homes. So, it was a lot of fun to see Kristin’s pregnant belly and see the new homes.

One evening us three gals were a little bored and decided to make cupcakes while the guys were busy playing Halo. We didn’t have the desire to bake from scratch, so we went to Kroger and bought boxed cake mixes. Red Velvet and Dark Chocolate were the two chosen flavors, along with cream cheese and chocolate fudge frostings.

Marlena and I baked the cupcakes and when Kristin arrived we frosted them. We had a little too much fun and made very strange designs. You can tell we got a little impatient.
There was so much batter, and we were getting tired of filling cupcake tins, so we decided to mix the two leftover batters together into one cake. This was the result:It must’ve been good, because Marlena had a slice for breakfast. :)

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  1. I love the frosting decorations!

  2. CupcakeLady says:

    Ohh, that batter looks cool! I bet it still tastes good.

  3. cute cupcakes!

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