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On Vacation

I won’t be posting again for a while. We are on vacation in Hilton Head Island, SC. It’s beautiful here! We left Saturday and will return home either next Sunday or Monday (Memorial Day). I meant to post about my absence before we left, but didn’t find the time…so now while I’m waiting for Ben to shower so we can have our wonderful free breakfast at the inn, I decided I could quickly post. Ben brought his laptop while I left mine at home.

There are many entries I have yet to post, so when I return I’ll be back at full speed! In the meantime, I plan to barely even log on to the Internet at all. :) Ahhhhhh….a life without the WWW… what would we ever do?

Above is a picture of our hotel/inn called the Main Street Inn & Spa. It is not a beach-front hotel, but it is a find for sure! Very inexpensive, yet the feel of luxury. We highly recommend it.

Okay…off to enjoy my breakfast and get some more sunrays on my front side at the pool! (My back is already burned from the beach yesterday..ouch!)

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  1. Oh I love HHI! Have a great trip. Eat lots of good food… YUM :)

  2. I just got back from Hilton Head Sunday. I never want to leave when it comes time. Enjoy! :)

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