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The Baking Beauties

Wow.. time flies. I still need to add my recipes for the cupcakes from Ben’s party, but before I do that, I realized I have not yet posted about a give-away I won a few months ago! Yes… I said a few months ago… yikes.

I stumbled across another food blog, and just in time! They were having a give-away for a random reader if you just commented on their blog. The give-away was a surprise, and the fact that I won was a huge surprise!

Not too much later, I received the following in the mail… all hand-made… by my new friends at The Baking Beauties blog.

The pink spatulas have already come in very handy…especially in my cake decorating class.

A notebook with my first initial!

I’ve already used up all the cards! They were so cute!

What an adorable frilly apron!

To the Baking Beauties – I know I already commented and thanked you on your blog… but THANKS AGAIN for such a thoughtful gift! Hand-made is always better!

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  1. Jeanine says:

    I’m glad that you like & can use everything, Nikki! Thank you so much for participating in our blog, we really appreciate it!
    Don’t we have pretty stamps coming outta my small village?? LOL! Looks like they took up 1/2 the box!

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