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Another Foodbuzz Perk

I received another surprise in the mail the other day from my friends at Foodbuzz. Ever since I signed up to be one of their Featured Publishers, I’ve received quite a few fun little perks. The first perk was a $250 check in the mail right after signing up! It was a surprise for us all, and they hoped for us to use it to “spruce” up our blogs. Then, they sent me a box of cute little business cards with my blog’s web address. I’ve been getting paid for hits on my site, and they hold referral programs with extra monetary bonuses along with contests here and there. It’s been a fun ride.

So, let me share the most recent gift: A cute little Foodbuzz canvas tote. If you look closely you can also see it has a button attached that says “Pennies on a Platter.”

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  1. Yay for all the fun goodies!

  2. Pilgrim Girl says:

    I just got mine too. :)

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