Red Velvet Cupcake Pops

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I saw these cupcake pops *months* ago on Bakerella’s blog, then saw them featured on Martha Stewart. Every weekend I said I would make these, and every weekend passed without making them. So, finally, this last weekend I had my chance. We had a garage sale, and I wanted to bake something to sell… so what better than to make these pops and attach my food blog Moo cards so whoever bought them could find my blog! Clever, huh?

Well… not so clever. Must be garage salers are really out to shop for *junk* and not yummy stuff. No one bought my pops. They commented how cute they were… but they just didn’t give in and buy any!

So, my customers were my friends who joined me in the garage sale. Six of my gal pals brought their stuff over to sell and some of their hubbies came, too. We hung out from 8 am until 1pm trying to make fast summer spending cash. They ate the pops and loved them. I brought the rest to work yesterday (for my trainees) and they loved them too. What is wrong with garage salers!?

Next time, I’ll make the pops for a party and force people to eat them! They are delicious! I chose to make the filling flavor red velvet, since the box cake mix was only $1 (Duncan Hines) on sale and chocolate wasn’t an option.

For the complete recipe and other cupcake pop decorating ideas, visit Bakerella‘s amazing blog. My quick version is below:

Start by baking the cake (I used Duncan Hines Red Velvet). Then let it cool completely. Once it’s cool, spoon it into a large bowl.
Crumble the cake in the bowl.
Don’t let anyone see you take those few little tastes!
Then spoon in the cream cheese frosting.
Mix well into the cake.
Roll cake into 1.5″ balls then cool in freezer for 15 minutes. Use a tiny little flower shaped cookie cutter to shape the bottom of the cupcakes.
Freeze for another 15 minutes then dip the bottoms in chocolate-flavored candy melts then stick the lollypop stick in it right away (after each dip) before the chocolate hardens.
Did the tops in pink candy melts, then top with sprinkles. Stick in foam to dry.
Then take a bite out of your yumcious creation!

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  1. hey nikki!

    i’m so glad I found your blog. it’s great! i look forward to trying many of your recipes!

    that cupcake didn’t last for Uche. i caved in and ate it on the way home. i couldn’t resist. i know i’m not supposed to eat dairy but i figured it was such a small amount…zoe didn’t end up having any reaction so all was well. anyway, they were great! thanks for posting the recipe!!

  2. How adorable did these come out?! These are so creative and beautiful!

  3. OH NO! I’m soooo sad no one bought them because they are SOOOOO cute!! I’ve been wanting to make these too but have no excuse. 🙁 Sorry about hte yard sale debacle. *I* would have bought them! 🙂

  4. Well I Do Declare says:

    These look amazing! I can’t wait to make them 🙂 As for the garage salers, they probably weren’t appreciating something so fancy!

  5. Those are the cutest thing I have ever seen!! Now I need to find an excuse to make them.

  6. super cute! i just might have to find an excuse to make them sometime soon too! yumm!!!!

  7. those are sooooooo cute!

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  9. Patrick Berch says:

    Those little cup cakes were the bomb! I ate like 5 of those joints. Ladies! MAKE THESE CUP CAKES!!!! Also, the infamous Pumpkin Bars are worth the yearly wait.

  10. They are cute, I made them a few days ago and they came out great! I think next time I will try store bought frosting because the homemade was too thin.

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