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Penny Pincher: Freecycle

Okay… so this isn’t exactly food related, but it’s Penny Pinching related. I think that’s reason enough to include it on this blog.

Tonight, we met for our first small group meeting for church. It was the official cook out kick off. During our cook out my friend, Stacey, mentioned that she is never going garage saling again… She found a new love…! Instead of paying the 25 cent garage sale prices, you can get ‘stuff’ for free and right in your community.

Now… you might ask, how is this different than the free ads on Craigslist? Well, it seems to narrow it down more by location…so that’s a plus. And, it also seems to have better options.

Here’s the food-related part…Stacey said she got a breadmaker for free because of Freecycle!

Check out this site! Start a freecycle group in your area and let others enjoy your unwanted treasures!

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