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Italian Tomato Cups

As promised, here is another dish from the hat decorating party last Thursday night. My friend (who co-hosted the party with me) brought this appetizer. It’s so simple, but SO delicious! The slogan, “once you pop you can’t stop,” should be used for these.

Italian Tomato Cups

Cut cherry tomatoes in half, scoop out middle and lay (cut side up) on a platter. Place a small diced piece of mozzarella in each tomato cup. Tear pieces of fresh basil, roll them and add one tear to each tomato. Finish with a drop of Italian dressing.

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  1. joyofcooking says:

    Yum. Aaron would love these! He is obsessed with Caprese salad.

  2. The presentation is beautiful and perfect for a fresh and light appetizer! Thanks for sharing Nikki!

  3. How adorable! Easy to put together, tasty and gorgeous presentation=winner in my book!

  4. What a neat idea!

  5. Mrs. in May says:

    I LOVE this! So great and so fresh!

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