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Rib Crib Barbecue [Branson, MO]

Ben and I traveled to Branson, MO this weekend. We did not go to sight-see Branson. We went because it was a middle meeting place (driving distance) for us and our friends. But, I have to say, I marveled at the sights of the city. No where else have I seen such abundance of cheesy entertainment! And, we were with the right people to just have fun!

We had BBQ every day. Our first day we stopped to eat at a place called Granny’s because it advertised homemade food and seemed pretty local. But, it was pretty empty (which is never a good sign) and did not smell good. So, we didn’t stay and headed back on the road to find a different choice.

We came upon a restaurant called the Rib Crib. I looked it up later on the internet, and it is a small chain started in Oklahoma and also exists so far in TX, NM, FL, IA, and MO. We loved it so much that we ate there again for our last meal together, just so we knew we’d have a good last meal!

I ordered the BBQ pork both times. The first time as a dinner, the second time as a sandwich. I had their fries, salad, okra and beans. Everything was delicious! There were three bbq sauces on the table to choose (mild, hot, mustard). Another BBQ joint we tried out that weekend didn’t even have sauce served with the meal! weird.So, if you are in any of the states listed above and see the Rib Crib, give it a try! Hopefully you won’t be disappointed.

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  1. That’s awesome! Being an Oklahoman, it makes my heart sing to know that you enjoyed one of our many lovely Oklahoma-grown establishments.

    If you ever actually come in to OK, look for a Braum’s ;) Great ice cream, burgers, and crinkle fries!

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