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Quick Fix: Cream Cheese with Sweet & Spicy Salsa

Another quick fix idea for you. (This is my “go-to” appetizer.) I always have a block of cream cheese in the fridge because it can be used for so many dishes. One of my favorite appetizers is to find a delicious salsa with a sweet flavor included, pour it on top of the cream cheese and serve with crackers. It’s delicious! Of course, the trick is to find the right salsa. Or, you can use a pepper jelly. You can do this with other cheeses… such as brie. Oh… boy… if it wasn’t already past my bedtime I would make some more up right now!

The photo is awful… I forgot about a photo until the first round of crackers were gone. Then, of course I didn’t think to refill the crackers before actually taking the photo. hmph… :)

I found this salsa at a local fresh market the other day and it is SO good! It’s a raspberry and chipotle flavored salsa. So, it is both sweet and spicy. Excellent! I’m hooked on this one for a while!

**Check back tomorrow for a fun post! You don’t want to miss it!**

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  1. At least you use a cheese spreader with your cream cheese dip…I just scoop with the cracker! ;-)

  2. I need to be careful with dips and crackers/chips. In my house, my will power is tested with these things and having seen your post, I’m so craving this!!

  3. That looks really good. I’ve done something similar with cream cheese, baby shrimp and cocktail sauce. It was one of the appetizers at Christmas dinner.

  4. We’ve done the same thing but using Corn chips instead of crackers. Yummy!

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