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Giordano’s World Famous Stuffed Pizza [Chicago, IL]

In Chicago, there are many different restaurants that serve Chicago-style pizza. What’s very evident, though, is that everyone has their favorite. Whether it’s because they like the pizza, know the owners, grew up eating from that particular place, or just haven’t had the chance to try another, we all seem to defend our preferred Chicago-style pizza to the ground.

Since we lived here, we’ve tried pizza from Nancy’s Pizzeria, Lou Malnati’s, Giordano’s, Connie’s and Gino’s East. Our favorite is Giordano’s, which is the first I’ve ever tried. But, I can honestly say it’s because I like the taste of it, crust and all, the best out of the ones above.

So, if you are in Chicago and debating on which Chicago-style pizza to try, I say Giordano’s is my first pick and Gino’s East is my last. Connie’s comes in a close second with Lou Malnati’s and Nancy’s Pizzeria right behind. Tell me, which is your fave?  Do you like deep-dish or stuffed?

Come to Chicago and have the real deal!

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  1. About a Bit of Everything says:

    Giordano’s is hand down the best stuffed crust pizza in the city.

    Love that crust and all that cheese.

  2. Giordanno’s is pretty good and out of the four you mentioned, I’d probably put it at the top, too. My favorite, though, is Art of Pizza. SO SO good! It used to just be a carry out place but it has expanded and now you can eat there. It’s not exactly your normal dining atmosphere but the pizza is out of this world. I also adore Pequod’s in Lincoln Park.

  3. My husband and I were engaged in Chicago and went back for our 1 year anniversary. On our first trip our shuttle driver from the airport told us about Giordano’s and we loved it and went back the next time. It is SO good!

  4. Giordano’s is great! Definitely the best pizza I’ve ever had. My husband went to college in Chicago, but I think he missed out on the pizza!

  5. Pilgrim Girl says:

    I’m with you. Giordano’s is the best.

  6. LOVE Giordanno’s! My Husby and I took our honeymoon to Chicago and that was the FIRST place we ate as Mr. and Mrs. So for our first anniversary we have one of the cheese ones overnighted to us in KC,MO!

  7. I disagree completely. I’m a huge Lou Malnati’s fan! We actually did a video on how they make their pizza because they are hands down our favorite. Their flaky crust and tomato sauce are amazing!

  8. The Ortlund Family says:

    You know Giordano’s is my favorite – I love how for lunch you can get your own personal deep dish pizza and a coke for only $5!

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