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Enchilada Lasagna

Please click here for an updated photo and recipe.

Lately I haven’t been motivated to take nice photos of our dinners. After working all day then coming home and cooking, I’m too drained to think of a cute, creative way to capture my plate on camera. And, the dark nights are now arriving earlier, so any hope of taking a picture in natural lighting is gone.

So, please, do not let my photos scare you away from making these recipes. I know how you are looking at this enchilada mix right now thinking…I’m not sure that looks so good. But, you will miss out if you do not make this meal! I’ve only made it a few times, but only because I’ve forgotten about it. It’s super simple, yet soo soo soo tasty!This recipe comes from my best friend’s aunt…(thanks Aunt Deb!) She has never made it for me, but she made it for my mom two years ago and my mom called me telling me all about it. She couldn’t shut up about it, so I knew I had to make it! Luckily, before she left Aunt Deb’s house, she was able to get her to jot down the recipe. I think Aunt Deb called it Enchilada Casserole.

There are probably a few differences in the recipe compared to Aunt Deb’s, but only because some of the steps she wrote were not extremely clear…leaving me to guess. My guessing served well, though, because this dish is a treat!

Please click here for an updated photo and recipe.

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  1. I love a Mexican inspired lasagna and regardless of what you think of your pictures, this looks delicious!

  2. Mmmmm! This picture is FULL of cheesy goodness! I’m drooling here!

  3. What a tasty recipe!

  4. My siblings and I lived off of this growing up. We always called it “Mexican”, which I find so funny now. Not even Mexican Casserole; we’d ask, “Hey Mom, what are we having for dinner?” She’d reply, “Mexican,” and this dish popped into our minds.

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