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Letter Ice

Welcome Back Brownies

This is another item I received from BlakeMakes, Letter Ice.  Or, I should call it Letter Chocolate.  Some may call it Letter Lollypops, maybe even Letter Cake.  The options for using these cute little silicone letter trays are many!  They are also oven-proof and dishwasher safe.

I used these for the first time yesterday by creating white chocolate words “Welcome Back!” to top the brownies I took to our “food day” at work to celebrate our manager’s return from a medical leave of absence.  It’s so easy to use these fun trays!  I just melted white chocolate baking square, pour the chocolate in the letters I needed, then refrigerated them until hardened.  Then, *pop!* they came out!

Letter IceThis company, Sillycone, Inc., also makes Number Ice and Symbol Ice trays.  Check them out and see what you can create!  In fact, I’ve even heard of people who have make sidewalk chalk with them!  Now that’s cool!

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