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Organica Deluxe Cookies

Organica Deluxe Cookies Packaging

Now that Christmas is over, I feel like I can back up and post a few things where I fell behind.  So, the next couple of posts will be to catch up.  Forgive me for the lack of posts this last week, as I spent Christmas on an island in the Chesapeake Bay (my in-laws’ home) and had a very slow and limited internet connection.  Plus, if I even tried to upload a photo, the “boys” would holler and rant because it would make their Halo (Xbox) game “lag”.  Ohh.. don’t you just feel as much pity for them as I did?  meh.

Then, if you remember from a few weeks ago, I gave you a small teaser regarding a new “someone” who will be joining me in my blogging adventures.  On New Years Day you will finally find out who it is!  I know you can’t wait!!  It’s going to be an exciting day!

Now, on to the subject of this particular post.  I’ve become part of the newly formed Foodbuzz Featured Publisher Tastemaker team.  I received my first food item to taste test a few weeks ago.  The timing was fantastic, as it is a ginger flavored cookie, which is a perfect holiday taste!

These cookies from Organica Deluxe Cookies were soft and fresh!  I would have loved to dip the cookie in my coffee, but it was gone so quickly I couldn’t even think to do that fast enough.

Organica Ginger Cookie - Bite

The little bit of sugar sprinkled on top was the perfect finishing touch.  These cookies are obviously organic, so they come at a fine price…

Organica Ginger Cookie - Ingredients

…but if you would like to splurge on something different, healthier and tasty…give these a shot.

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