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BlakeMakes Giveaway: Cherrybrook Kitchen

Cherrybrook Kitchen

“The Sweet Solution for Food Allergies.”   That is Cherrybrook Kitchen‘s motto.  They provide alternative sweet solutions for people who suffer from food allergies and normally would not be able to enjoy….say cake, cookies, or brownies!  Oh, My!  I could not imagine a world as such and love that Cherrybrook Kitchen has offered this help!

Thanks to BlakeMakes, I was able to sample a product of Cherrybrook Kitchen’s.  They sent me a box of their Chocolate Cake Mix and Chocolate Frosting (along with a cute little rubber spatula on the side).  It was great timing, since I planned to make the Ugly Christmas Sweater cake the following week and was able to use both! Well…so I thought.

I could tell you that that is just what I did and let you think the Ugly Christmas Sweater cake was made from this box mix, but unfortunately, I tried taking the cake out of the pan too soon and a big splotch of it stuck to the pan, so my cake was ruined.  BUT… I couldn’t let the cake go to waste, so my husband and I started snacking on it.  And, wow, it was great, superb, fantastic!!  We could not even tell it was a “special” kind of cake.  It didn’t seem to miss one beat of flavor.  The chocolaty goodness was just as sweet.

However, I still needed to make my Ugly Christmas Sweater cake, so I went to the store and bought another boxed cake mix (that was on sale for 99¢) and then used Cherrybrook Kitchen’s chocolate frosting to top the cake.  Again, the frosting was delicious!  It was thicker than I thought, and  little hard to spread, but after warming it in the microwave, it was fine.

I’m excited about this product.  I’ve seen it at Meijer before, which is my local grocery store, so you might be able to find it at yours, or else check out their website to order some.  Even if you do not suffer from food allergies, you might want to check this natural product out because it’s a healthy way to have your cake and eat it too!

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  1. i’m glad to hear that it is good! i have yet to try my sample…

  2. fingers80 says:

    What a great idea! That would be interesting to read… my husband’s Aunt is allergic to eggs. Sometimes it’s really hard to work around an allergy! Thanks for posting.
    ~bensbaby116 (from the WC board)

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