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Penny Pincher: New Restaurants Grand Opening


After church today we ate at a new restaurant in town called Meatheads.  It’s a fast food burgers and fries joint… think In & Out.  The fries are made fresh right when you order them…from the stack of potatoes they have piled behind the counter.

Our meal for two only came to $5.37 because we split the fries (they give you plenty) and we had a coupon.  The coupon was from their grand opening announcement, that the first 1,000 to sign up on their website would be emailed a coupon for a free burger!

There have been numerous times where we’ve benefited from free food from a new restaurant.  So, if you are driving by and notice a “Coming Soon” sign, find out what’s about to arrive.  And, if it’s a restaurant, immediately Google them and sign up on their website to be notified of promotions because more than likely you will receive some kind of grand opening promotion.

Our friends were able to score a free meal at Claim Jumper the night before it opened because they did this.  They were invited to participate in their “practice” night where they could come in for a free dinner so the servers, hosts and cooks could practice.  Nice!


  1. I have recently heard of this place. My hubby and I are going to have to try it sometime soon. Yay for a free burger!

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