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Happy Valentine’s Day!


It’s not too late to check out these quick and easy ideas for a tasty Valentine’s treat!

I Want You Heart BrownieJust bake up your favorite brownies and use a heart-shape cookie cutter to cut them out.  Apply a ‘blob’ of your favorite icing and top with a candy conversation heart!  I gave this ‘I Want You’ heart to Ben and took the rest in to work.

Heart Throb BrownieOr, if you do not have a heart shape cookie cutter, bake the brownie mix in a mini muffin pan then do the same thing!  I sent these to my parents, Ben’s parents and my sisters.  Then the rest came with me to a girls game night at my friend’s house.

Conversation Heart BrowniesLastly, you can try this truffle treat from two years ago:

Valentine TrufflesHappy Valentine’s Day!

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  1. Susan Gladd says:

    Nikki, we LOVED the tidbit brownies you sent us for Valentine’s! And the boxes were adorable, too; I’m saving those…

  2. Those little brownies with the conversation hearts are so so cute! What a quick and easy idea!

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