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March Madness Cookie Bouquet

Basketball Cookie Bouquet

Last weekend we had a March Madness party at our house.  One of the girls brought a cookie bouquet that she made for this event.  It was so cute I had to ask if I could post a photo of it on here.

Now, who’s watching the big game tonight?  Who are you cheering on?  I have to go with MSU as I’m a former Michigander, myself.  Go Spartans!

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  1. This is so cute! I’m planning on watching, but it doesn’t matter to me who wins :)

  2. So cute, what a great idea! I’ll be watching and cheering for UNC but only because I chose them in my husband’s office bracket and I’ll win some money if they win! :)

  3. Love the bouquet, but I am not watching. Did not watch? I don’t even know when the thing is. was? You get the idea!

  4. This is too cute!

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