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Happy Easter!


I know I’m lacking in posts the last few days.  Trust me, I have new recipes waiting to make their debut on here, I just haven’t had the time.  Today is Easter, so I’ll leave you with Easter Penny wishing you a “Happy Easter” and what we like to call in our household “Resurrection Day” or “New Creation Day” (as my hubby calls it).  Either way, it’s a reminder to us that Christ is risen!  Now I need to run and get ready for church since it will be packed this morning!

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  1. Great site! Your recipes look amazing :)

  2. Happy Easter to you too!

  3. Happy Easter!

  4. I pray you had a worshipful Resurrection Sunday! (My dh says we were visited by the Resurrection Rabbit — not the Easter Bunny!!! ha!)

  5. The recipes on this blog look delicious. I think if I try them, I will have to start looking for a weight loos site to find some recipes for people who will have to lose it! Some of the dessert ones especially look just wonderful and I am going to try some. Maybe the next time you and Ben come up, I will make one.of them. Have you tried them all?

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