Apricot and French Dressing Crock Pot Chicken

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I don’t know the official name for this.  My friend gave me the recipe after she served it to us in her home, but it came with no name.  So, I took the liberty to name it Apricot and French Dressing Crock Pot Chicken.  After reviewing the recipe, let me know what you think of the name.  Do you have a better idea?  Is this one just too long and makes you tongue tied?  I’m open for suggestions. 🙂

You will love this chicken.  It’s always nice to find a good slow cooker recipe where you can dump and forget!  And, it’s only FOUR ingredients! It’s pretty versatile, too, so you can adjust the temperature and time to fit your needs.  I live so close to work, that I was able to come home on my lunch break and throw this in the crockpot and cooked on high for 3 hours.  My friend used six frozen chicken breasts and cooked it on high for 4 hours then low for 2 hours.  The recipe below reflects my version with fresh chicken.

Either way, the chicken turns out very tender and flavorful.  As you hopefully can tell from the photo, it falls right apart.  Serve it over rice and maybe a side of broccoli.  The sauce is delicious, so don’t skimp out on the ingredients!   You’ll want to drink it right up!

Apricot and French Dressing Crock Pot Chicken

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 3 hours

Total Time: 3 hours, 5 minutes

Yield: 4 servings

Serving Size: 1 chicken breast

Apricot and French Dressing Crock Pot Chicken

  • 4 fresh or frozen boneless chicken breasts
  • 1 cup french dressing
  • 1 cup apricot jelly/jam/preserves
  • 1 package onion soup mix
  • salt and pepper to taste

Dump all in the crock pot and cook on high for 3 hours. If using frozen chicken, cook on high for 4 hours, then low for 2 hours. Serve over rice with the sauce.


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  1. oh yummy, this looks really good. I will have to give it a try. I like the four ingredient recipes 🙂

  2. themilkmanswife says:

    Oh, this looks great! And so easy! I’ll be giving this a try for sure. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  3. Easy and delish? Gotta love it!

    Btw, the chicken does look tender.

  4. Oh yum yum yum! Thanks for sharing this recipe! It looks delicious, and the name is perfect 🙂

  5. My Grandmother used to make something like this, except she would brown the chicken, then simmer it in the sauce. Such an odd combination of ingredients, but so good!!

    • My mom did too, and I still do. I brown the chicken, make the sauce, and dump it over and put it in the oven. I baste the chicken with the sauce half way though cooking. This recipe must have been on the
      French onion soup packet. You have to sure you use the Russian dressing, not French. The French is creaming, the Russian is not clear, but jewel like. I think Kraft makes it, sometimes it is hard to find.

      • Jane, the recipes I have seen for Russian dressing require mayonnaise, whereas French dressing does not. Would seem the Russian would be creamy, not the French. Since the French is made with oil it would tend to shimmer. 🙂

        • The Russian dressing isn’t a recpe, it is in a bottle. It may not be Kraft, it might be Wishbone. Anyway, just make sure you don’t use a dressing French. Russian or otherwise with Mayo. I know I buy one called Russian and it is not mayo. Thanks for the reply tho.

          • i was just going to say Jane Russian dressing is 100 times better then french… it is sooo yummy 🙂

  6. I make something very similar to this only bake it in the oven at 350 for an hour – you take chicken breast and cut it into bite size pieces and then you use 1 can whole cranberries and 1 jar of ranch dressing (but it has to be the kind from the cold section – not something like the kraft kind) and 1 packet onion soup mix – serve on rice or pasta – SO GOOD!
    that said, i tried your recipe and made it in the oven based on the above recipe – it was delicious!!! then i made it again only using an apricot/pineapple preserve… SO GOOD!

  7. I have a recipe similar to this except cream of mushroom soup is used instead of the french dressing; your version sounds tastier; I’ll try it.

  8. hmmm….I thought I had apricots in the house, turned out to be Orange Marmalade, I’m trying that today.

  9. it’s called russian chicken or apricot chicken- my mom and i make the same thing but use russian dressing (very similar to french). delicious and all my kids love it (ha!). sooo easy

  10. My mom used to make a baked version of this – we just called it “jelly chicken”. 🙂

    I havent had this since I was a kid so I’m making this weekend for my own tribe. Thanks!

  11. I have made this in the iven before but so glad to see it will work in crockpot! Delicious! Thanks!

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Amy! Have you ever done this in the crockpot all day for 8 hours or so? I usually do beef or pork in my crockpot so chicken is new to me. Any suggestions? Thanks! Catherine

  12. Catherine says:

    I will need to cook this all day in the crockpot. Can I do it on low for 8 hours?

    • Hi Catherine,
      Are you using fresh or frozen chicken? If using fresh, I would do low for 6 hours, then let the crockpot default to the “keep warm” setting. If frozen, you should be fine on low for 8 hours.
      Hope this helps!

  13. This recipe is good, and very old. It was called company chicken and baked in the oven. Most of the recipes on here are all very good, but old recipes, given a new name.

    • I’ve had someone’s “Company Chicken” before, but it was completely different than this. Funny how we all have different names for the same recipes, or the same name for different recipes! ha! 🙂

  14. I made this last night. Very easy and the flavor is good but the chicken (although tender) was dry which is so common with chicken breasts. I cooked it on high for 1 1/4 hours and turned it too low because it was cooking pretty hot. I turned if off after 45 minutes so it only cooked for 2 hours.

  15. Nancy Uhran says:

    Can I just go on and put the rice in at the beginning? I do this with another chicken recipe and it’s fine unless you really like your rice grains not to stick together.

    • Nikki Gladd says:

      Hi Nancy,
      It should be fine. I think it makes the rice too mushy for my taste, but it sounds like you know this and don’t mind it. 🙂

  16. Dori Mozek says:

    There are various types of “French” dressing. There is the red french and the orange french.. which is being used in this recipe? Also, there is a bottle Russian dressing which I always thought was just like the “red” french but by a different name.. lol!! So, basically what I’m asking is which “French” dressing is used for this recipe??

  17. I have made this recipe in the oven, can’t wait to try it in the slow cooker. I also have done another version, which I might like better..
    Apricots Jam, salsa and taco seasoning.

  18. Susan Bowles says:

    I use a small bottle of Italian dressing; with the 1 cup of apricot or orange marmalade and the dry onion soup packet. Have always done it in a crock pot. Kids love this chicken!

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