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Foodbuzz Tastemaker: Nature’s Pride

Once in a while I receive free samples as a Foodbuzz Tastemaker.  Since I’ve been pregnant, I’ve had a few products come through my home that I’ve cooked with and haven’t had a chance to post about yet.  With only 3 weeks to go until Baby G is due, I figured I should get cracking and post some about some of these.  Here is the first of one or two that I’ll post about, hopefully before the stork arrives at my door!

Nature’s Pride is 100% natural bread and is quite delicious.  BG and I gobbled it down with lunch sandwiches.  Before we used it all up on lunches, I was able to throw together a quick french toast with some blueberries on top.  The bread held up very well for french toast.  Usually sliced bread like this becomes a bit soggy when dipped in the egg wash then fried in the skillet, but this bread was very hearty.

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  1. thanks for the tip I can always use healthier options

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