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Mother’s Day Sugar Cookies

Mother's Day Sugar Cookies

Happy belated Mother’s Day to all of you wonderful mothers out there!  This year, both mine and Ben’s moms got to be the guinea pigs for me trying my hand at royal icing.  :) It was so much fun to first go out and find these adorable cookies cutters at Sur la Table (I heart that store!), and then to research different tutorials from other food blogs and websites on the tips and tricks of royal icing.  I also found a lot of help reading about how to send cookies in the mail so they make it in once piece.  Interesting that both moms claimed only one cookie arrived “neatly” cracked in half, while the rest were in tact.  I say that’s success for a first timer!

Mother's Day Sugar Cookies

After reading and searching the web, I decided to go with a half batch of this sugar cookie recipe from Sweetopia and used Annie’s Eats’ extremely thorough and very helpful tutorial on royal icing.  I’m excited to make more cookies decorated with royal icing, as it is so much easier and more fun that I ever imagined!  I’ve got ideas spinning in my head.  You could be the next recipient of cookies…just keep watching your door step! :)

Again, happy Mother’s Day!  I can’t believe I actually celebrated my first as a Mom!!

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  1. These look great! You did a really great job for a first-timer. : )

  2. Sue Gladd says:

    Thank you, Nikki, I hate to eat these beauties and will be taking them over to my mother’s house and sharing them with her, Aunt MaryAnn, and Aunt Donna this week!
    So glad you posted this, daughter-in-love!

  3. Great job Nikki! Glad the tutorial was useful :)

  4. Wow, I am incredibly impressed. Wow!

  5. WOw, those are REALLY beautiful! What detail, too! I love them! :)

  6. These cookies were too cute to eat! But, I knew I had to. They are delicious. They would be nice for a wedding shower. Thank you. Loved it. Love you.

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