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Candy Corn Crunch

Candy Corn Crunch

Have I ever mentioned that I do not like candy, with the exception of chocolate?  However, offer me some chocolate M&M’s and I will turn them away.  Bleh.  UNLESS…they are hidden in trail mix, cookies or some sort of bigger dessert.  Then I’ll eat them until my belly hurts!

The same goes for candy corn.  Eww.  Can’t stand it on its own, but throw in some salty roasted peanuts with it, and I can’t get enough!  Our friends introduced this concoction to us a few years ago and we have indulged each year since!  Probably the easiest “recipe” you’ll ever find on here!  :)

Candy Corn Crunch

Printable Recipe

handful of candy corn
handful of salted roasted peanuts

Mix ingredients in a candy bowl and enjoy!

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  1. YUM! This post is NOT fair! I love candy corn! I buy it every year but only ever eat a few bites of it. Now I totally have to “make” this “recipe” and I’m sure i’ll be like you with a big belly ache at the end of it!

  2. now throw in some pretzels.

    i’ve never had it with peanuts, but pretzels offer the same salty contrast. and they are whole wheat :)

  3. I go CRAZY for this stuff…I’m running a marathon Sunday and to motivate myself I haven’t yet bought candy corn yet…but I will when I cross that finish line :)

  4. Great idea, this looks wonderful. The kids would love this.

  5. Guess what I saw at the store today! Candy Corn Crunch! Identical to what you have posted here. I actually bought it because it was only 20 cents more than the bag of candy corn by itself and I figured I didn’t need that much candy corn. (The premixed is very heavy on the peanuts).

  6. add some m&m’s in there! it’s a staple for my sorority…we eat it year round! if you eat all three together (candy corn, peanut, m&m) it tastes like a snickers!

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