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Raspberry Lemon Cupcakes


It might seem out of season for these cupcakes, but they are so good that I would eat them any time of the year.  I made these for our neighbors’ daughter’s Evening of Elegance event at school.  Her mom actually gave me the idea of lemon cupcakes, to offset her contribution of something chocolaty.  After […]

Penny’s Weekend Garnish

Welcome to a new section of Pennies on a Platter!  I debated on what to title this weekly post, ensuring to capture my purpose for it.  Four sections will be included to finish off each week, hopefully acting as a garnish by embellishing the blog with more recipes and personal insight into my life.  I’ve […]

Sausage and Cheese Balls


The first time I tried sausage and cheese balls was a few years ago in Illinois when we were served these snacks at our church’s small group meeting.  Although I loved them then, for some reason I never asked for the recipe (or maybe I did then forgot to actually follow up and get it).  […]

Chocolate Malt Cupcakes


The Friday before Valentine’s Day our church threw a couples event with 50′s flair, called Dinner at the Diner.  Everyone showed up in their 50′s outfits, some which were quite amazing.  Friends shared their candy cigarettes with us, and there were bubble gum blowing games along with who could hula hoop the longest.  To bring […]

Beef Braised in Red Wine


When I saw this recipe posted on Beantown Baker, I immediately bookmarked it for Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately, Judah was very sick that day and didn’t let me accomplish one thing in the kitchen, so we had romantic take-out instead. But, I was able to make it the day after so all was well. And, very […]