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Box of Chocolates Cupcakes

Box of Chocolates CupcakesValentine’s Day is finally here.  What are your plans for tonight?  We’re having dinner in and then heading to the local frozen yogurt shop for their buy one get one free deal.  Yep, I said it.  I’m not making our dessert tonight despite all of the Valentine dessert recipes I’ve been posting!  Tonight, I’m getting treated!  :)

Box of Chocolates Cupcakes2Today, I’m giving our friends this box of chocolates, which are actually cupcakes.  I bookmarked this a few years ago in my Hello! Cupcake book and never had the chance to make them.  This year, it was a must.  It’s an absolutely adorable idea and super easy despite what it may seem.  Just make a batch of your favorite chocolate cupcakes in miniature cupcake pans (even a box mix will do) and then frost them with chocolate icing.  Decorate as you prefer, then place them in a heart shaped box.  The Hello! Cupcake book suggests using chocolate jimmies, red and white jimmies, marshmallows cut in half then dipped in melted frosting, Valentine’s candy corn, red Dots, Valentine’s M&M’s and other Valentine’s candies.

Hope you have a fantastic Valentine’s evening!

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  1. I love your website! I have gotten so many ideas!!!! I made your chili recipie for Superbowl Sunday! Was a hit for sure!!!!! Thanks so much!!!!!!!

  2. Oh Nikki!!!

  3. You have the BEST website ever!

  4. says:

    Wow, adorable!

  5. Soo adorable! What a great idea! Happy v day!

  6. They’re gorgeous! Sometimes not having to cook is a the best gift you can get.

  7. These look amazing! YUM!

  8. Wow! These look amazing, so creative and I love the pictures!

  9. these are SO cute…i will be remembering this for next year! or just a fun birthday gift :)

  10. These are simply adorable. For my birthday last year, I told my husband that all I wanted were cupcake making supplies. He lavished me with several cook books and all sorts of supplies to help me become the next cupcake queen… I haven’t reached queen status… yet, but I bet if I could replicate what you’ve done here, my friends would think I’ve come close.

  11. These are so adoarable- the pictures make me smile!

  12. These are some of the cutest cupcakes I have ever seen. Ever. Hope your Valentine’s Day was great & you got to enjoy lots of these :)

  13. amazing images captured ! very nice

  14. These cupcakes are so adorable…so perfect for Valentines day! I love that you placed them in the heart shaped box…too cute! :)

  15. june perronne says:

    every thing looks great

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