Penny’s Weekend Garnish

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This Week on Pennies on a Platter
This section highlights the recipes posted this week on Pennies on a Platter and other updates to the blog, if any.

Paczki -My Fat Tuesday fave.

Coconut Chicken with Apricot Sauce – We have been eating this multiple times each week, so I hope we do not get sick of it!  It’s a perfect weeknight meal because of its quick preparation.

Corned Beef and Cabbage Pizza – Who would’ve thought to use these pizza toppings?  It was surprisingly delicious!

Dug Out from the Archives
Let’s dig into the archives and reconsider some of the older recipes on Pennies on a Platter that we ate this week. (Some of which I plan to re-post with new photos and better directions in the near future.)

Perfect Pizza Crust – I love working with this pizza dough.  Love the smell of it, love shaping it, and love eating it!

Baked Creamy Chicken Taquitos – This is my go-to recipe for giving to families who are in need of dinners.  Our friends had their second baby girl last weekend, so I signed up to bring these to them this week.

Governor Bars – This was the dessert I offered to the family above.  🙂  Of course, we downed the leftovers within a few days.

Caught My Eye
I love reading other blogs and websites, and often bookmark their recipes, products or reviews. These are a few that top my list from the week.

Irish Brown Bread – If I would have had all of the different flours and grains on hand for this recipe, I definitely would have made this bread immediately after seeing it posted.   Last year I made an Irish Soda Bread, and would love to branch out and try different variations starting with this one.

Personalized Drink Cuffs – I love this idea from Garnish’s blog.  What a simple crafty gift!  While you’re there, check out their merchandise.  They have some very handy packaging products and blog about extremely cute ways to use them.

Outstanding in the Field – Have you heard of this culinary event?  Or, better yet, have you attended one?  Outstanding in the Field is a mobile restaurant, where they set up a long table (typically outdoors) and serve an elegant dinner in a field, garden, etc. while honoring the local farmers by using their ingredients.  If it wasn’t such an expensive ticket, I would love to attend!

My Life as a Pastor’s Wife and Food Blogger
Want more insight into my life as a Pastor’s wife, mom, friend, relative and food blogger? Then, read on! If not, ignore this section. 🙂 This is a place for me to write what’s on my mind and journal some of the crowning moments of my week.

This is more for those of you who have kids, or those of you who don’t have kids but for some reason watch Nickelodeon, specifically Nick, Jr. 🙂 Does anyone else love the show The Fresh Beat Band as much as I do?  The characters, Twist, Shout, Marina and Kiki are absolutely adorable and exude such a positive energy.  I find myself singing and dancing to their songs while I’m working in the kitchen, and more often than I think I want to admit!

Although it may be hard to tell at his age, I’m almost 100% sure that this is currently Judah’s favorite TV show.  He doesn’t watch a ton of television, but between the other shows he watches on occasion such as that big purple dinosaur who giggles a little too much, furry puppets teaching educational lessons on a popular street, strange monsters that come to life in a DJ box and school pets that receive a phone call to save other animals…The Fresh Beat Band lights up his face above them all.

This week I learned that they film at Paramount Studios in LA.  If you read this post, you know that last fall we toured Paramount Studios and luckily ran into cast members of the shows Glee and Community.  Now I want to go back and test our luck again, hopefully bumping into Twist, Shout, Kiki and Marina.  Unfortunately, I don’t think we’ll have the chance again during their filming season, and that might be a good thing so I can save myself the embarrassment of my giddiness if it were to happen.  🙂

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  1. My son (15 months) loves the Fresh Beat Band too. He does not get into tv like my older children but the Fresh Beat Band always catches his attention. The songs are catchy and I hate how I sing them going to shower or to bed. However as a home schooling mom, we do tap tap tap tap tap it out between lessons, sometimes.

  2. We LOVE the Fresh Beat Band so much! So fun and upbeat, and their songs rock. Me and my kids love to dance to it while I’m making dinner every night!

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