Penny’s Weekend Garnish

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This Week on Pennies on a Platter
This section highlights the recipes posted this week on Pennies on a Platter and other updates to the blog, if any.

Oatmeal Butterscotch Cookies – Using staple items in my pantry, these cookies now make an appearance in my home possibly way too often.

Brisket Quesadillas with Mango Barbecue Sauce – It’s unbelievable how good these simple quesadillas are.  The mango barbecue sauce is especially a delightful surprise if you’re looking for a unique flavor.

Dug Out from the Archives

Let’s dig into the archives and reconsider some of the older recipes on Pennies on a Platter that we ate this week. (Some of which I plan to re-post with new photos and better directions in the near future.)

Guacamole – We have this all too often, but never get sick of it!  Use this recipe as a great base and adapt it to your tastes.

Black Walnut Ice Cream – Ben’s favorite ice cream since childhood.  Now, if only I could get myself to stop picking out the walnuts…

Caught My Eye
I love reading other blogs and websites, and often bookmark their recipes, products or reviews. These are a few that top my list from the week.

Smarty Had a Party – A very fun party supplies website that sells elegant disposable dinnerware.  If you hate doing the dishes for a large crowd, you need to check this out!

Baked Chocolate Doughnuts – Yesterday was National Doughnut Day and I didn’t get a chance to make or eat any.  But, I did find this recipe that I really want to try, because they seem to resemble Dunkin’ Donuts’ double chocolate doughnuts.  I’m a BIG fan and have been missing them since moving to an area where there isn’t a Dunkin’ Donuts nearby.  So, now I get to try and recreate them at home!  Thanks, Stephanie!

My Life as a Pastor’s Wife and Food Blogger
Want more insight into my life as a Pastor’s wife, mom, friend, relative and food blogger? Then, read on! If not, ignore this section. 🙂 This is a place for me to write what’s on my mind and journal some of the crowning moments of my week.

We spent our entire week getting projects done around the house to get ready for Ben’s parents’ visit.  This is a short little write-up today because they are here right now (currently napping in the other room).  I’ll just leave you with a little tease of one of the decorations I worked on recently, thanks to my friend, Annie, for the idea and for teaching me how to mount these little puppies.  I’m hoping to post before and after photos of our home in the next month or so.  🙂

Kitchen Food Canvas

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  1. Stephanie says:

    I love what you did with your pictures!! Beautiful! Also, I am buying a doughnut pan now after reading that recipe you posted:). Can’t wait to make them and eat them!!:)

  2. The photo wall looks great, Nikki! Glad my tips were helpful.

  3. i LOVE your wall photos!! what a great idea!!!

  4. I love your photo food gallery, it looks fantastic and so professional. I can’t wait to hear about how you did them.

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