Penny’s Weekend Garnish

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This Week on Pennies on a Platter
This section highlights the recipes posted this week on Pennies on a Platter and other updates to the blog, if any.

Dulce de Leche – Finding a safer way to make this caramel sauce at home.

Baba Ganouj – A Middle-Eastern eggplant dip that will keep you coming back for more.

Five-Minute (Healthy) Chunky Monkey Ice Cream – Don’t have an ice cream machine?  This is the recipe for you!

Dug Out from the Archives

Let’s dig into the archives and reconsider some of the older recipes on Pennies on a Platter that we ate this week. (Some of which I plan to re-post with new photos and better directions in the near future.)

Homemade Granola Bars – Looking for a great homemade snack?  Try this one from Ina Garten.

Oven Baked Fries – A healthier way to prepare fries while avoiding the deep fryer.

Caught My Eye
I love reading other blogs and websites, and often bookmark their recipes, products or reviews. These are a few that top my list from the week.

Buttermilk Doughnuts – Although I avoided the deep fryer with the oven baked fries above, Brown Eyed Baker is not helping me stay completely away with posting these delicious buttermilk doughnuts!

Corn, Buttermilk and Chives Popovers – I’ve always wanted to try my hand at popovers, and these are pushing me closer towards my desire.

My Life as a Pastor’s Wife and Food Blogger
Want more insight into my life as a Pastor’s wife, mom, friend, relative and food blogger? Then, read on! If not, ignore this section. 🙂 This is a place for me to write what’s on my mind and journal some of the crowning moments of my week.

If you were with me this last January, you will remember that we joined together to help raise money for my friend and fellow blogger, Vee.  She lost her husband suddenly last November at the young age of 31, while she was pregnant with their third child, and I was overjoyed with your generosity in helping her through this trying time.  Today, it pains my heart to share with you that more tragedy recently struck her family.  This week her brother passed away after being found in the bottom of a lake and then spending a short time on full life support, leaving behind his young son.

Up to this point, Vee was doing very well (considering).  Now, she’s reliving a nightmare none of us what to experience.  My purpose for telling you about this today is to encourage you to pray for her and her family.  She’s a strong woman, but even strong women need lots of prayer and support.

firetruckAnd, while you are at it, head on over to her blog where she journals her emotions and openly shares letters to her husband.  Start with this posting about her son and her brother’s son, who are best friends and now have this unique bond forever about losing their fathers.  I love Vee’s reference about God being the father to the fatherless, and her picture (above) showing this special bond.  Remember, your visits to Vee’s blog will help raise a small amount of money as well, from the advertisement displayed on her page.  Just your hits count.  What a wonderful and easy way to help someone in pain.


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