Where Were You That September Day?

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World Trade Center CrossI remember.  I was in college, prepping for an Accounting exam that morning.  One of my suite-mates came out of her room and told us to turn on the TV.  We were shocked, devastated, scared, confused.  Class wasn’t canceled.  I walked out of my dorm room and across the Bison Square, with the eerie yet encouraging sound of the bag-piper on the steps of the Burton Bible Building playing Amazing Grace.

I practically failed that exam.  But, that doesn’t compare to the bigger tragedy of the day.  Lives lost, bodies permanently injured, families grieving, our country frightened.

I’m grateful to have a faith that allows me the peace that passes all understanding.  One that lets me mourn and weep when tragedy strikes, but picks me back up with a hope that endures.  Many may not understand how even through something like this that God is still Almighty, so good, gracious and loving.  He is my Keeper, and I am forever thankful.

We will never forget that September day.  In the words of country star Alan Jackson, where were you when the world stopped spinning?

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  1. It was the day before my first day of college and my roommates dad called to tell us what was happening. At first we couldn’t process it and almost thought he was joking because we were sleeping late.

    When we finally understood what he was saying we didn’t know what to do but go out and walk around campus to see who else knew. We talked to a security guard who told us that there wasn’t a mandatory evacuation but he wouldn’t stay if he didn’t have to.

    At this time there were rumors and speculations about there being “lists” of places being hit that day and Wright Patt Air-force Base was rumored to be on that list (still to this day not sure where that originated). I was at Wright St. so we drove home (only 40 minutes).

    Each passing hour of the day my young mind was able to understand more what was going on and more importantly, the impact.

  2. I was in college too. I set my alarm early to go meet a friend to work on our lab reports. When I called him he just said “turn on the TV”. Our classes also weren’t canceled.

  3. Beautiful post!! Thanks for sharing your faith & reminding me of the peace that we can have through Jesus Christ. I, too, was in college and remember being so scared and uncertain of the future on that day and the days following. So thankful for a God who is good all of the time……..even when we don’t understand!!

  4. I was coming out of a Dr’s appointment paying for my visit when I looked up and saw the lobby television. It was only a moment before they airred the second plane hitting the towers. I thought this was IT, DOOMS DAY! I never felt so afraid my whole life. The only thing I could think about was my family. My son was at school, but I immediately wanted to pull him out and just hold him tight for fear of what was yet to come. I was glued to the television both day and night sick with worry. After about a week of watching the same news reports over and over I realized that this was consuming me. I finally had to stop, and to focus on the people I loved. There was nothing I could do about the the situation accross the nation. It was up to our government to make those decisions. And for each moment spent watching something that was out of my control, was a moment lost to hearing a giggle, or seeing a smile on my family’s face. Thats what I got out of seeing so many people lose the ones they love—cherish each day and everyone around you. A tragic life lesson.

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