Christmas Baskets Inspiration

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Christmas_Baskets_2011We are so busy getting ready for our move, that it has been hard to keep up with sharing recipes with you.  Even so, I do have a bunch to post!  Right now, though, I’m leaving you with a quick rundown of my Christmas baskets.  Although it is probably too late to use this as inspiration for your holiday gifts this year, hopefully you’ll be able to use one or two of the recipes for a hostess gift at your Christmas dinner (you’ll see two more posted tomorrow and Friday).

I made less baskets than I originally intended, since I could barely find enough time to even make dinner for our family in the midst of packing and looking for a new place to live in Mississippi.  🙂  It was hard to narrow down the list of recipients, but we limited it to nine. (I know I missed somebody.  If it’s you, please please please don’t be offended!) 🙂  I didn’t send any in the mail, and just kept it to local friends.

Here is what I included, and how many batches I needed to make in order to fill nine baskets:

Pizzelle (2 batches)
Peanut Butter Fudge (2 batches)
Dangerous Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies (2 batches)
Homemade Vanilla Extract (2 batches)
Salted Caramel Hot Cocoa, with mini marshmallows (1 batch)

Christmas_Baskets_2011_2I found the tins in Target’s dollar spot (rather they were in the batch of $2.50 items) and the filling is from the Dollar Tree.  The treat bags are also from Target (although you can find these many other places, like Walmart, Michael’s, Joann’s, Amazon, etc.).

It was really fun making these baskets.  There were a few items I intended to include but did not have enough time to bake up.  I’m already excited for next year when I know I won’t be in the middle of moving across country, and can at least double the size of the recipient list.  That is, if I’m able to make any friends in Mississippi!  😉


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  1. Your friends are really lucky! Everything looks good. 🙂

    I wish I had a pizelle maker. I so badly want to try them out.

  2. Those are GORGEOUS!! Love the pizelles. Wish i was a local friend!!

  3. I have made 2 batches of the pizzelles already and have given them as gifts and ate a few myself. They are so good with hot cocoa or hot tea.

  4. I wish I was a local friend too. I am getting EXTREMELY envious of your local friends by now, LOL!

  5. These local friends have awesome gift baskets!!!!!! I’ve been wanting a pizzelle maker, too. I’m going to hate that you are living SoCal soooo soon, but so happy for you guys at the same time. I know you’ll be making new friends FAST because you are super sweet and awesome!!

    • Krystal! I really wish we could’ve gotten together before leaving. 🙁 Sad to go, but excited to start our new journey!

  6. You’ll love MS! I know because I was raised there. 🙂

  7. Brittney Saulters says:

    Love these gift baskets! 🙂 Too cute! Where in Mississippi are you moving?

  8. Love the gift baskets! I’m always looking for ideas for my wonderful neighbors and friends. Welcome to the Jackson area!

  9. Nikki,
    welcome to MS. I am in North MS. sorry SO Cal. your loss is our gain. Enjoy your stay.

  10. My family makes gift baskets for friends/neighbors every Christmas. I was so excited to see your photo. It is a beautiful basket. I am going to add the Vanilla to this years basket. Thank you for the idea and where to purchase the bottles and such.

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