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Homemade Valentine Heart Crayons

Valentine Heart Crayon 1This might not be a food related post, but it was a fun crafty idea using a silicone heart pan I had on hand.  (I found mine a couple of years ago at Target, for just a few bucks.)  Anyway, I wanted Judah to make his Valentines this year for his cousins and grandparents, and this was the perfect option for him that didn’t require any skills, and only the ability to drop crayon pieces into the cavities.

Valentine Heart Crayon 3Instead of throwing away any broken crayons, unwrap them and save them in a ziplock bag for an activity like this.  You can use any silicone mold.  Once you have quite the collection of crayons (I needed about 6 ounces to fill the pan I had) chop them up into small pieces (recommend plastic cutting board), drop them into the molds and bake in the oven at 230 degrees F for 15 minutes.

Valentine Heart Crayon 4You can see Judah had a great time filling the heart pan with the crayons.  He didn’t do it perfectly, but that’s what moms are for, right? :)  After the crayons were gone, he decided the bowl would be his hat for the rest of the project.

Valentine Heart Crayon 2I found heart containers (above) at Walmart that fit the crayon perfectly (package of 8 for $1.99) but then it made the crayon too big to fit in the envelope.  So, I wrapped Judah’s heart crayons in cupcake liners that I also found at Walmart (see the very first picture above) and then sent them with a Valentines card in regular postal mail.  The message inside each card said something like “I made you this crayon so I can color with you next time I see you.  Love, Judah.”    ;)

Source: Inspired from this Pinterest pin (unsure of original)

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  1. My girlfriend was doing these with her little boy today. Such fun! I’m thinking maybe Easter crayons? I’m sure a cross or an egg would be adorable. Thanks for sharing the clever idea, Nikki!

  2. I love it, Nikki! It arrived today!!! Oh my, how I love Judah!

  3. I made these a few years ago with my daughter when she was in kindergarten. It was so fun. We still have some extras kicking around and we still use them. Great for making crayon rubbings of leaves in the fall.

  4. So cute!! I love the containers you found.

  5. Isn’t it amazing the things that you find on Pinterest? I saw something that someone had pinned from your site which led me here- then while browsing saw this and thought “I have something similar pinned to do with my granddaughter” Kept reading and saw where you had seen the idea on Pinterest, clicked that link and saw what I had pinned! Love how Pinterest has allowed me to find some great new sites and what other people do with what they find!!

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