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Candied Cherries and Cherry Syrup


July is National Ice Cream month and I’ve only shared one new ice cream recipe with you so far.  My apologies!  But, I have good reason.  I’m trying to give me you ideas to use up my your cherries, before their short season is over. Take a look at this, I’m killing two birds with […]

Cherry Barbecue Chicken Pizza


“When life hands you cherries, make pizza.”  What?  That’s not the right quote? Well, life handed me cherries at only $1.99 per pound, so I decided I needed 10 pounds.  I thought I better snack on them and throw them into everything I ate so they wouldn’t go to waste.  Then, I realized I could […]

DIY Homemade Spaghettio’s


Are you a closet SpaghettiO’s fan?  Take it a step further by admitting you also like their meatball version…or (alas!) their hot dog one?  ;)  Or, did I just lose a few of you from readership at the disgust that I would even mention this distasteful cheesy American canned “pasta”?  Whichever side you’re on, I […]

Firecracker Pancakes


Happy Independence Day, y’all!  I really wanted to make a few more festive dishes to celebrate the 4th of July this year, but we have been so busy this past month that I just didn’t have time to put anything together that was too involved.  Last night, I had this idea for pancakes whirling in […]

Banana Split Ice Cream Cake


It’s JULY!  Is it just me, or is this summer already flying by?  We’re kicking off National Ice Cream month with this explosive cake I made for our neighbors when the husband/daddy was sick and down for the count.  With the mom left to care for their 7 kids (yes, you read that right) I […]