Proud to Be a K-Cup Ambassador! (And a Discount Code for YOU!)

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k cup hot coldHave you gone out and bought your single-cup Keurig coffee brewer yet?  I’ve had mine for almost a year now, and still love it. Ben even started drinking coffee because of the Keurig! But, did you know there are many other beverage varieties you can make in this single-cup brewer?  You can find K-Cup portions available for tea, hot cocoa, ICED coffee and even other iced fruity beverages!  Get out!You may have noticed a few weeks ago that I added a badge to my right sidebar, identifying that I am a K-Cup Ambassador.  It’s true!  What does this mean?  Well, it means that for one full year you get to listen to me tell you all about my love for my Keurig and their K-Cup packs.  😉  More specifically for you, it means that when reading Pennies on a Platter, you will have multiple opportunities to win samples and products from Green Mountain Coffee, Keurig and their selected partners!  Plus, I’ll be sharing monthly discount codes for you to use at

Is this exciting or what!?  I can’t wait to tell you all about the different K-Cup varieties I’ll be testing and sampling.  With over 200 varieties of coffee, tea and other beverages available in K-Cup packs, I can’t even begin to imagine the fun flavors and types they’ll surprise us with!  For starters, I was given the opportunity to try out The Original Donut Shop’s Sweet and Creamy Iced Coffee. It’s a medium roast coffee, with a splash of sweet creamer, and it is delectable!  Ben tried it before I did, because I was sick when it arrived.  He kept going on and on about it, waiting for me to give it a go.  And, wow, when I finally did, I was hooked.  No need for that extra creamer in the fridge!

k cup ice burstIt might come as a surprise to you, but there are also fruity K-cup portion beverages available!  I was chugging down a Strawberry Pomegranate Vitamin Burst this afternoon.  Again, simply brew it over ice and into your travel cup for a quick, on-the-go refresher!

This week, Green Mountain Coffee sent over their Wild Mountain Blueberry coffee.  And, although I haven’t had a chance to sample it quite yet, I’m guessing it’s going to be good! You can follow me at Twitter, Facebook or Instagram to hear what I have to say about it after I brew it up and sip it for myself! While you’re at it, you might want to follow Green Mountain Coffee on Twitter and Facebook, to stay informed about their new beverages and other offers they have to share!

This Month’s Unique Discount Code:
I’m not leaving today without a gift to share with you!  Although you’ll notice the K-Cup packs on your day to day store shelves, starting today you can enjoy your own Green Mountain Coffee K-Cup varieties online with a 15% off discount by using promotional code YUMMY-8166. This promo code offers 15% off all Green Mountain Coffee® flavored coffees available in K-Cup® packs – including Brew Over Ice. The code will be active from August 9 to September 12 on

So, tell me, do you have a Keurig brewer?  What is your favorite K-Cup drink? #YourPerfectCup

Full Disclosure: I have been selected to partner with Green Mountain Coffee Family of Brands to serve as a K-Cup Ambassador and report on my first hand experiences of the Keurig brewer and a variety of K-Cup packs. In return, Green Mountain Coffee compensated me with a Keurig brewing system and monthly deliveries of K-Cup products.  Although the products are supplied by Green Mountain Coffee, the views and opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. We got a Keurig brewer about three years ago. My husband and I aren’t big coffee drinkers, but we do like to drink it from time to time. The problem was that we never drink enough to justify making a entire pot of coffee. The Keurig has been awesome for us! My favorite K-cup is the green mountain half-caff. Too much caffeine makes me jittery. This cup has enough to give me a little extra boost when I need it, but does make me jumpy! Love Keurig!

  2. you can definitely taste the blueberry in the Wild Mountian Blueberry coffee. Great for sitting on the patio in the morning! What a neat idea – thank you for the promo code! (try the half iced tea/half lemonaide)

  3. For the summer I love Timothy’s Sweet Summer Raspberry. It’s not an “iced” variety but I brew it and let chill in the frig for about an hour and add some vanilla creamer and some ice and YUM!!!It’s been a nice treat with the hot summer we’ve been having.

  4. My hubby bought me a Keurig for my birthday nearly two years ago, and it has been the best birthday present ever! My favorite drink is, well, I don’t have just one. Our Keurig drawer is over flowing with many varieties!!! That is what I love most. I can have a vanilla coffee one minute and a cup of tea the next. It is a coffee and tea lovers dream!

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