A Special Announcement and an Eagle Brand Coupon Giveaway! – CLOSED

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UPDATE:  This giveaway is now closed.  All of the winners have been notified.  Please check your email (including your spam folder) to see if you won and for instructions on how to claim your prize.  Thank you!! 🙂

judah only childYou read it, right!  Sometime around May 2nd next year, our little Judah will no longer be an only child! 🙂  I’m feeling good for the most part, but some food aversions are really kicking me in the butt!  Like, coffee… most days I just can’t even bear thinking about it!  The days that I can take it, I want to guzzle it.  And, Chick-fil-a?  If you’ve been with me for a while, you know it’s one of my favorites.  I couldn’t stand even driving by it until about 2 weeks ago.  Crazy, I know!

My cravings?  Pepsi and potato salad.  Don’t hand me a Coca-Cola (my normal choice of soda).  And, honestly, I normally don’t even drink soda unless we’re at a party, or occasionally when we’re out.  But, I have to have my Pepsi right now!  Weird.  (No worries, I limit my intake.)  😉

Anyway, despite all of this strange appetite stuff going on right now, I still have recipes to share with you and I will not take a 6-month hiatus like I did when I was pregnant with Judah.  Lesson learned, won’t do it again! 🙂  And, when I don’t have a recipe to share, I will more than likely have a giveaway.  More giveaways?  You’re down with that, right?

Today, I have a new kind of giveaway for you.  A coupon giveaway!  The best thing about coupon giveaways?  A LOT of you will win!!!  To celebrate October being National Dessert Month, FIFTY of my readers will win an exclusive coupon redeemable for one can of any Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk variety (ARV $3.19).

With the holidays near, you will most definitely use your fair share of sweetened condensed milk.  Why not save a few bucks and get a can for free?  And, in case you are wondering, here are a few ways you can put those coupons to use:

Seven Layer BarsSeven-Layer Bars

Key Lime Pie Ice Cream

Chocolate Chip Treasure CookiesChocolate Trip Treasure Cookies

Chocolate Peanut Butter Revel Bars

Chocolate Peanut Butter Revel Bars

Dulce de Leche

To receive a coupon for one can of Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk:

  • Be one of the first fifty (50) readers to leave a comment below with how you plan to use the sweetened condensed milk.  EagleBrand.com has a great selection of recipes!
  • Make sure you leave your email address in the appropriate field.  I will notify the 50 winners by email with instructions on how to claim your coupon.
  • Contest ends after 50 valid comments are received, or on October 31st at 9:00 PM EST, whichever comes first.
  • Giveaway is sponsored by Eagle Brand.

Good luck!

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  1. Congratulations! I love your announcement!

  2. I’d turn it into dulce de leche! Yum!


    I plan on making fudge. 🙂

  4. CONGRATS on #2!!!!

  5. Congrats! Ill use it for caramel!

  6. Emily Dudley says:

    Mmmm I would use it in a Maple Pumpkin Cheesecake!!! Yummy 🙂

  7. I plan to make 7-layer cookies with the Eagle Brand Milk.

  8. Congratulations!! I like to use Eagle sweetened condensed milk to make fudge! 🙂

  9. Make fudge the way my grandma used to make it. Rich and creamy!

  10. Julie Armel says:

    Congrats! I had my second child 16 months ago (has it really been that long?)

    Anyway, I’d most likely use it to make some sort of fudge (or a few different kinds).

  11. I use it in Fresh Apple Cake!! The recipe is amazing ….

  12. Congrats!

    I love making caramels with sweetened condensed milk!

  13. Anna Mae Jones says:

    I’d make Magic Cookie Bars. Double yum!

  14. 7 layer bars are a favorite of mine!

  15. Congratulations on the new addition!

  16. With the weather turning cooler, I’d use it to make some homemade hot chocolate!

  17. Shawna Gurgul says:


  18. I would use it to make 7-Layer bars!

  19. Congratulations! and I’d use it in Seven Layer Cookie bars.

  20. Jan Waldroup Squyres says:

    Congratulations! I would make a Key Lime Pie!

  21. Congrats, wish I had a sibling.
    I’d make some kind of delicious dessert. Maybe some kind of sticky candy.

  22. Congrats! Such a cute way to announce!

  23. Congratulations!!

    I would do research and use it to make a recipe I’ve never made before!!

  24. Congrats, I love the sign. I would use it for pumpkin pie.

  25. I would like a can of sweetened condensed milk to try making Chocolate Truffles from their website. Truffles are awesome 🙂

  26. Congratulations! I would make Hello Dolly Bars! Yum!

  27. Congratulations!! Wonderful news! I’ve been a fan of your blog for so long now, I’m glad to hear you’re growing your family.

    As for the milk, I make a mean chocolate chip cookie recipe using scm. Yum.

  28. susan mcmurray says:

    Congrats! I would make some yummy dessert for my daughter & husbsnd with my can of mlk!

  29. Congrats! I’d use it to make your chocolate peanut butter revel bars!

  30. Congratulations!! I would use the coupon to make a layer bar of some sort!

  31. My family loves my Cherry Cheese Pies around the holidays!
    Congrats on the new addition!!

  32. I intend to use the sweetened condensed milk in cookie dough truffles.


  33. I will use it for dulce de leche!


  35. Kathy LaMaster says:

    I would invent my own decadent dessert!

  36. Sweet!

  37. I would use the Eagle brand sweetened condensed milk to make peanut butter fudge. It’s our favorite!! =)

  38. Love the expires picture! So cute!

  39. Judy Froat says:

    Congrats !

  40. Making 7layer bars. Double batch!

  41. Yummy bar cookies!!!

  42. Judy Froat says:

    OOps forgot to post how I would use the Eagle Brand…..I would use it in fudge !

  43. Renee Pedroza says:

    I would make a Banoffee Pie with it! Confession~ I always leave a little in the can so I can add that spoon to my coffee sshhhhh…

  44. Pumpkin pie, of course! Thanks so much!

  45. Congrats, Nikki! I use sweetened condensed milk in several recipes, but one of my favorite ways to use it is in iced coffee. Yum!

  46. I would use it for a coconut flan, yum!

  47. Jackie Gonzales says:

    Congratulations!!!! I would make seven layer bars…one of my favorites!!!!

  48. Jocelyn West says:

    I love homemade dulce de leche, but I also might try those seven layer bars! Congratulations!

  49. I want to try making the home made coffee creamer that has Eagle Brand in it.

  50. I will use it with Brownie Chocolate Chip Cheesecake

  51. So excited that your family is growing! Andrew and I love to make Eagle Brand’s peanut blossom cookies…yum!!!

  52. I agree with Amanda – dulce de leche!

  53. Congrats on your announcement! 🙂 I’ll be making 7 layer bars to send to my Marine who is deployed right now.

  54. I’d probably make an icebox pie!

  55. woohoo! umm..probably something like 7 layers bars or anything caramel. Mini caramel pie maybe? Though like you I am terrified to boil the can.

  56. Congratulations! And I love the way you made the announcement. 🙂

  57. Congratulations! Best wishes for a healthy and happy pregnancy.

    As for the giveaway, I would definitely use it to make Flan. That would make my husband a very happy guy-it’s his favorite.

  58. Congratulations! Wow, Judah is a cutie-pie!
    I think something with pumpkin to celebrate autumn would be calling my name 🙂

  59. Congratulations! I would love to try those chocolate revel bars.

  60. I’ll just lick the can thank you!

  61. Oh, I don’t know yet, but I’m sure I’ll have something yummy to make with it for Thanksgiving!

  62. I would make broken glass jello.

  63. I use a TON of sweetened condensed milk! My favorite use is in what we call “Magic Bars”. I made them during the holidays for parties, AND they are a huge hit with the teachers at school when the PTA has teacher appreciation events. I actually get in trouble with a few teachers when I don’t bring them!

  64. I would make arroz con Leche perfect timing it’s cold outside !!

  65. Marta Oliveira says:

    Like i´m portuguese, and I don´t Know exactly what it is, I would love to learn how to make a delicious dessert with it!

  66. Shirley Hendrickson says:

    Babies or children in general are a blessing.

  67. Congratulations! I’d probably make fudge…yum!

  68. Congrats! I would make fudge!

  69. Congratulations, so exciting!! Judah is the cutest 🙂

    I’d definitely make dulce de leche, I love that stuff.

  70. Congrats!!! That announcement pic is just too cute! I had to comment because I am also due May 2! I have a 2 year old whose “only chid” status will also be expiring in the near future. For what it’s worth, I’d use the condensed milk to make fruit cocktail pie, which I have been craving the past few weeks despite my usual dislike of fruit cocktail…gotta love pregnancy! Good luck!

  71. fudge…always have to make fudge!

  72. Congrats on expecting #2!! We had our second 8 months ago and I already love seeing the two of them interact. You should post a baby bump pic sometime!

    I would use the condensed milk for making fudge!

  73. Congratulations!

    I would use the Eagle Brand either for the EB/cream cheese cherry pie or for making caramel. Thanks for the opportunity and best wishes on your pending addition!

  74. Nicole-Lynn says:

    What an adorable announcement! Congratulations!

    I’d love to make some chocolate chip cookies!


  75. Rhonda Darbro says:

    can’t decide what I’d make 1st. On my list to make are lemonade pie, 7 layer bars, Martha Washington candy and a batch of iced coffee

  76. Elaine Braslow says:

    I make something called “Ridiculous Bars”, and sweetened condensed milk is the key ingredient!

  77. I make dulche de leche all the time. last used in cookies

  78. What a cute way to announce baby # 2 ! Congratulations !I love to make magic cookie bars using sweetened condensed milk!

  79. Lisa Langston says:

    Using it for fudge! It makes wonderful candy!
    Thank you and congrats!

  80. Karen Paumen says:

    I would use it to make my Christmas caramels.

  81. Congratulations! Key Lime Pie Ice cream—YUM! Always the season for key lime anything! 🙂

  82. Dorothy Figg says:

    Love the magic bars. Congrats.

  83. I would make Key Lime Pie! Congrats on baby!

  84. Thanksgiving’s Pumpkin Pie

  85. Tammy Baker says:

    Fudge! Fudge! And mor Fudge!

  86. Congratulations!!!

  87. I thought we were supposed to comment on the FB post (which I did yesterday).

  88. Seven Layer Bars have been a family favorite for DECADES! It was one of the first recipes I made that wasn’t an epic fail as a young bride. I would make a double batch with my coupon if I won.

  89. I’d make dulche de leche sauce. Congrats on the baby!

  90. I’d make the Chocolate Peanut Butter Revel Bars.

  91. Congratulations!! I would make chocolate cranberry bars.

  92. Congrats! I also had an aversion to coffee while I was pregnant with my 3rd. It was crazy b/c I love coffee, and couldn’t drink it again until late in my 2nd trimester! Also, I just posted about your ‘bumpy’ cakes!

  93. Looks like I”m well past 50, but congratulations on the new baby! I’m one of 8 but my baby is an only and it really makes me sad for her. She has 2 siblings that never joined us in this world, though. We will celebrate with them in the next.

    I love EB. Fudge, dulce de leche, tres leches cake, mounds bars, can’t leave em alone bars…….

  94. Tina Manuel says:

    I would use it for my pumpkin pies!!

  95. Congratulations, my friend! Very exciting news!! I had crazy food cravings and aversions too. Good you allow yourself to enjoy the cravings!
    I would like to try your 7 layer bars with that can of milk!!

  96. mary fanara coleman says:

    I know it’s too late but I would make my Cheeseless Cheesecake.

  97. Congratulations on the baby, I know you must be so excited. My mother used to make the 7-layer bars at christmas and when she passed away the recipe was lost I was so excicted to see this so I will be making the 7-layer bars.
    Thank you.

  98. I would make my grandmothers whities

  99. Sarah kozlowski says:

    I would like to try my hand at fudge this holiday season.

  100. I’d make a batch of coconut macaroons with the sweetened condensed milk!

  101. Congratulations! It is always fun to hear good news. I am so very excited for you!! My Eagle Brand Milk will be used to make 6 minute carmels. My first time to vissit this site. LOVE IT!
    Thank you for all your hard work.

  102. Tiffany deSimas says:

    I may not of been one of the first 50 to comment because I just came across this site so I want you to know that I am going to Love it I loved the baskets that you made last year and I am going to use the reciepts on it and will be looking all over your site.

    Thanks and Happy Holidays

  103. michelle L from MS says:

    I would like to try the Magic cookie bars…I can’t make fudge but also would like to attempt it.

  104. Contrats!!! Love those 7 layer bars!

  105. Love it in my pumpkin pies!!

  106. That Key Lime Pie ice cream sounds heavenly!

  107. Pumpkin pie or Christmas fudge; I use it for both!

  108. CONGRATS–so exciting!!

    my fave is of course magic cookie bars 🙂

  109. I use it to make delicious ice cream- all you need is 1 can condensed milk, 1 cup half and half, 1 cup cream and a splash of vanilla! 🙂

  110. I would use it to make my Mom’s Annual Christmas Mint Candy.
    Condensed Milk
    Powdered sugar
    Peppermint extract
    Green or Red food coloring
    They are so good!

  111. Congratulations on your new addition to your family. How exciting! And such a cute way to announce it!

  112. Sally Moore says:

    With the holidays coming, I will certainly make Seven Layer Cookies. But I do want to try that Key Lime Pie Ice Cream!

  113. Congratulations!! I’m so excited for you!

  114. I would use it for pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving!! And Congratulations what a fun announcement!

  115. Congrats Nikki!! I’m so happy and excited for you guys!!Judah is going to be an awesome big brother!!!!!!

  116. Shannon S. in VA says:

    Congratulations! I came across your blog recently for a recipe and enjoy it! I thought I was the only Coke person that drank a few a month if that but when pregnant had to have Pepsi every day! Thanks for the chance to win.

  117. mary jane s. says:

    I would use it in fudge, yummmy fudge for the holidays, wrap it up and suck the air out of it with this neat thingie i have to suck the air & make it air tight, pop it into the freezer and keep it for the holiday season, oh, my..congrats upon the newest babydoll in may 2013! Judah looks so so cute, that hair oh, my when I was pregnant with my only child I craved shrimp, lobster and any seafood, we lived in Aurora, Colorado not conducive to seafood but I managed to live near a neat restaurant the name was best southern seafood and frequented a lot of times, they broiled, steamed, fried and baked anykind of seafood, I preferred steamed seafood and it was delightful, yummmme Congrats again! from mjs at momanddad00@clear.net!

  118. Congratulations on your pregnancy, Nikki! You’re such a great mom to Judah, and I hope that your next little one brings you just as much joy. Best wishes to your growing family.

  119. Congrats!!!

    7 layer bars! They are my favorite

  120. I will be using Eagle brand sweetened condensed milk in our pumpkin pies–easy, fast and delicious!

  121. Pumpkin pie-easy, fast, delicious!

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