Saturday Seeds

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Its a boyPregnancy Update:

Let’s start the Saturday Seeds this week with a pregnancy update.  We are having another boy!!  Just what I was hoping, but not what I was feeling.  So, pretty surprised and VERY excited!  Now, to pick a name?  We have ONE in mind, surprisingly.  We knew we would be in trouble picking out names if this one was another boy, because Judah was the only name we could agree on last time.  My little sister actually texted me a name idea a few days ago, and we both really like it!  Who knows… we haven’t quite decided on it yet.  (And, we will keep it a secret until d-day!)  😉  But, if you have any name ideas, leave me a comment, please!  I can use all the help I can get.  We want strong meaning, doesn’t have to be Biblical (although you might think otherwise because of our little Judah).

20 week usI’m now 20 weeks pregnant, no belly shot this week (didn’t have a chance on a day that I looked somewhat decent).  🙂 But, I’m feeling good (besides some discomfort while sleeping) and the baby is moving…a lot.  My 20-week ultrasound not only revealed the baby’s gender, but also displayed a very big baby.  He’s already in the 86th percentile (didn’t even know they did stats at this point??)!  So, I think we have another big baby on our hands, and hopefully this means an earlier delivery date like I had with Judah (almost 2 weeks early).  YAY!

According to my What to Expect app on my iPhone, the baby is measuring the size of a banana, except since my baby is big, maybe he’s the size of a pineapple?  haha!  No stretch marks (yet), no swelling (yet), but I do have a pain in my right bottom cheek up to my lower back and down behind my thigh when I bend over to pick anything up.  Grrrrr….

Well, let’s get on with the rest of Saturday Seeds, shall we?

This Week on Pennies on a Platter:
This section highlights the recipes posted this week on Pennies on a Platter and other updates to the blog, if any.

Cranberry Toasted Almond Brie en Croûte – On Monday, I shared a recipe I tested and loved from the Fisher Nuts recipe archive, while also giving you a chance to win a Fisher Nuts prize package!  Congratulations to our winner, Ashley!

No-Bake Butterscotch Cornflake Cookies – Probably the easiest and most delicious cookies I’ve ever made.  Butterscotch and peanut butter married as the perfect pair!  These were the cookies I contributed for this year’s Food Blogger Cookie Swap.

Loving Lately:
Here I will share with you my favorite things of late, along with other snippets that have caught my eye from some of my favorite blogs and websites.

ArtkiveFavorite iPhone App:  Artkive – If you have children, you will love this app.  I know you enjoy all of your kids’ artwork and crafts, but do you really have room to keep every single one of them?  With this app, you can take photos of them instead, and store them digitally.  Save your favorites in that memory box of yours in the closet, then chuck the rest.  Once you have at least 20 images stored, you can order them to be printed in a book with the simplicity of just a few clicks!  Less space and less time than you trying to organize a book on your own.  Have multiple children?  No problem!  You can organize by child, and also by date! Very cool!judah coloring reindeer with grandma(Coloring with Grandma)

I’ve been using this app for a few months now, documenting Judah’s progress in his coloring ability (he’s staying between the lines…sweet!)  And, there is a sharing option so I can email his artwork to his two grandmothers who love seeing what he’s been making.  🙂

Romans 12
{Graphic from Simple Mom}

Favorite Scripture Passage – “These things I have spoken unto you, that in me you might have peace. In the world you will have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.” John 16:33

In light of such a sad week with the Oregon mall shooting and the very recent elementary school shooting in Connecticut, it is expected that we start losing hope in all that is good in humanity.  It helps to dwell on the truth that God is still in control and He has overcome the world.  We should weep with those who are mourning, yet take comfort in knowing that our God is sovereign and not let this evil overcome us.  Many will question God’s goodness, many will turn away, many will come closer.  But, what a reminder of how imperative it is for us to share the gospel message now!

My Life as a Professor’s Wife, Mom, Christian and Food Blogger
Want more insight into my life as a Professor’s wife, mom, Christian, friend, relative and food blogger?  Then, read on!  If not, ignore this section. 🙂 This is a place for me to write what is on my mind and journal some of the crowning moments of my week.

bass pro and samsSkip out on those expensive mall Santas and head to Bass Pro Shop if you have one nearby.  Every Christmas, they set up a huge winter wonderland in their stores with games, crafts and a station to send letters to Santa.  It’s all FREE!  Above, Judah is pictured driving a toy train in their store.  Plus, they offer a free 4×6 photo with Santa, with the option to order more for inexpensive prices. I don’t know about you, but this definitely beats the mall Santa for me.  We had to pay $20 for just two 4×6 prints at the mall over Thanksgiving weekend.  Rip-off!  (Although, I am glad we did it so we have a photo with his cousin.)

This is the third year we’ve taken Judah to Bass Pro for Christmas, and it’s always been a hit with him.  He doesn’t take the best photos with Santa. You can see his “smile” above really looks like he’s in mid-sentence.  But, no, that was his smile pose!  Mouth wide open! ha!  The picture above was taken from Ben’s iPhone, and the actual professional photo turned out much better.

The top left photo above is an errand we ran before heading to Bass Pro Shop.  Right next door is Sam’s Club, so we stopped in to grab a few things.  Judah was enthralled with the 3D televisions.  Not me, so much.  I just don’t understand the thrill of having to wear glasses while watching a movie.  And, the need to buy a bunch of them if you’re having friends over to watch a movie with you!  Not for me.  But, it was seriously cute seeing Ben and Judah in the 3D glasses.  My two peas in a pod.  🙂

mini donuts henry kidsYesterday morning, I watched my friends’ three kids for a few hours while they took their fourth child in for surgery.  I decided to bust out my new mini donut maker that my mama gave me for Christmas this week and let the kids help me make my first batch.  To keep it simple, we tried a basic cinnamon sugar donut recipe from Jessica’s cookbook and had so much fun making them together!

Judah Christmas Kitchen 2012kidkraft play kitchen

My parents came into town for a day to pick up my little sister from college.  We spent the evening doing a little family Christmas where Judah got a lot of fun things for his play kitchen, including a stand mixer!  He seriously loves his play kitchen and makes us a lot of “cookies” and “pizza” and “soup”, etc.   And, he always remembers to wear his oven mitt, while saying “hot hot hot!” when removing the cookies from his play oven!  It’s totally cute.

Next week, I have one more giveaway for you before Christmas.  But, on Monday, I’m sharing a homemade gifting option this holiday season.  Make sure you head back here to see!!

Happy Saturday!!

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  1. My two boys are Isaac Paul and Elliot Brandt (Brandt is a family name). Good luck boy’s names are hard! Elliot didn’t have a name until he was 4 days old because we couldn’t agree on one- gender was a surprise.

  2. Ryan and I like the name Thronwell for a boy and Dabney for a girl. Our second favorite boy name is Thomas.

  3. Sorry, my fingers didn’t type the right spelling! Thornwell

  4. Congrats on another BOY!
    My 2 cents for names are Gabriel. It means God is my strength. And he was the Arch angel that brought the good new of Jesus’ birth to Mary. (Timely)
    I also love the name Grafton. It is such a strong masculin name. The only downfall to this name is that it really has no meaning. In the one book I found it in it said. Grafton: the Duke of England was named after the city of Grafton.

    I am so excited for you. I just had our 4th baby!!! I am in baby heaven right now. But dog tired too ; )

  5. Congrats on your second boy! I can tell you that it’s lots of fun having two of the same gender. Good luck on the name search. If we had a boy, my husband wanted to name him Jameson. Mostly because my husband is James. We would have called him Jamie.

    I pray the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly!

  6. Congratulations on baby boy number two – YAY!!
    We named our first Marcus, and should we have another little boy we want to name him Michael, we think both are strong sounding, and have strong meanings behind them. Best of luck in your name search!!

  7. Congratulations!! Just a little note on the pain in your back and leg – I had a similar problem when I was pregnant with my first. She was pressing against my sciatic nerve. Ouch, not a lot to do for it – soaking in the tub, heating pad on leg etc. The good news is it went away a few weeks after delivery.

    • Thanks, Marsha. I finally figured out that the sciatic thing is probably what’s going on, too. But, I was hoping it would end BEFORE delivery! ha! Sounds like I had high hopes! 😉

  8. Jonas…Jacob…Jessie…Jace.

  9. I’m French Canadian. My boys names are Christophe (Christopher in English version) and it means Christ bearing and Eloi (pronounced E-Loy)and it means the Chosen. Their names suit them well – we chose their names only once I gave birth, we had a list but waited to see their faces before choosing… we choose well. Good luck on the rest of your pregnancy!

  10. I like Bridger for a boy 🙂 Good luck, I’ve never really found a boy name I was crazy about. We ended up naming our son Zachery Brice.

  11. I think Noah sounds nice with Judah—sort of harmonious. My oldest son is named Christian and I have never tired of it. It is an expectation as well as his name.

  12. I like Christoff.

  13. I just love thinking names!! My oldest (2 yrs old! Yay!) was determined we were not going to know what gender she was…8 1/2 months in, its a girl! Whoops! There goes Declan off the possible names list. 🙁 Oh well, Rowan fit her. For baby number two, we talked (and talked and talked!) over the not used names for Rowan and nothing worked for us. We had another baby determined to not let us know a gender and she was a girl! We searched for names with meaning to our family and at last picked Linden.

    Now, sib names for Judah-Michael, Micah, Ezra, Archer, Haven, Harbor, Ashton, Cash, Poe, Jameson, Walker, Jack.

  14. I just adore this post, Nikki. Cute Judah, a play kitchen, a FABULOUS announcement, and a scripture that holds so much meaning for me. I don’t want to take away from those in Oregon and Connecticut who need it so much more, but I know it was also made for me in this time. Thank you for sharing it, friend.

  15. I have a friend from high school who named her twin boys Judah and Jerico. I love these two names together.

  16. I LOVE sitting by the tree and spending time with family.

  17. Hi Nikki! I just found your blog today and I simply love it. The recipies are wonderful, and I really enjoyed reading your Saturday Seeds. I am 22 weeks pregnant with our first child. We found out that we to are having a boy, so we are on the name quest to.

  18. I think Josiah would be a cute name for a boy 🙂

  19. Congrats on another boy!! Sorry, I am catching up on old posts, so I just saw this! I have 2 young boys as well, and it is so awesome!! 🙂 Our first is Ethan, a name we both readily agreed on, but we really struggled to come up with a second boy name. We finally decided on Noah, after my younger sister’s son suggested it! 🙂 I’m hoping we get to choose a girls name next time! Haha!

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