Summer Spaghetti


When the summer heat strikes, most of us are searching for lighter fare to fill our stomachs.  Labor intensive recipes are also thrown out the window, which is good because my energy is already drained from chasing Judah across the house.  This small effort recipe is perfect for those hot, sweaty and exhausting days. Next […]

Caprese Stack


In the last month, I have traveled from Mississippi to North Carolina, to Maryland, to Michigan, to Chicago, back to Mississippi then to Florida.  For the majority of the trips, we had beautiful sunny weather.  Now, I’m sitting at the airport, ready to head home again, hoping our flight takes off before Tropical Storm Debby […]

Prosciutto & Fontina Chicken with a Lemon Mushroom Cream Sauce


Grilling days are in full swing, and this chicken is becoming one of my favorites for the summer.  Although the finished dish may look like it was all prepared in the oven, don’t be fooled.  The chicken is grilled then quickly broiled after being topped with the prosciutto and cheese, while the mushroom sauce is […]

Baked Buffalo Ranch Chicken Taquitos with Blue Cheese Dipping Sauce


Sorry for the long title.  I thought about eliminating the word “baked” but then I was worried you would immediately discard this recipe, knowing that taquitos are typically fried.  Then, I considered taking out the word “ranch” but then you probably would have expected a little bit of a different taste.  How about subtracting “chicken”?  […]

Buffalo Ranch Dressing


A couple of weeks ago, we had dinner at a friend’s where I was first introduced to this idea of buffalo ranch dressing.  It was in a store-bought bottle, and after giving it the side-eye, I caved and tried it with my dinner.  I was hooked and knew right then and there that I wanted […]

Fruity Brownie Dessert Pizza


If you’ve been reading Pennies for quite some time, you probably already know this about me.  I absolutely love brownies.  Serve me brownies for dessert, and I’ll never be disappointed.  Sprinkle some powdered sugar on top, and I’ll be your best friend…forever. This time, though, I went a step further into my kingdom of fudgy […]

What’s in MY…??


I’m on vacay people!  Yay!  So today, I am leading you over to my friends, Kristan and Shelly’s, site where you can snoop around the contents of my purse.  Yes, you heard me right.  Go ahead, snoop around! Back on Friday with a dessert you won’t want to miss!  🙂

My Favorite Restaurant Style Salsa


Almost one year ago, I gave you a salsa recipe that we love.  We still love it, but in the last month we have converted to a new favorite, that is more like the restaurant-style salsa we enjoy.  I do not always have fresh tomatoes on hand, so I wanted to create a new recipe […]

Swiss Veggie Frittata


Breakfast is a meal that I only spend any amount of time on when Ben doesn’t have to go in to the office.  Otherwise, we typically eat a quick bowl of cereal, drink a green monster smoothie, or whip up scrambled eggs and toast.  We’re lucky, however, to live right down the road from where […]

DIY Homemade Oreo Cookies


You’ve heard me say it more than once.  I love making cookies for the neighborhood kids.  It’s easy to do since they are out and about, running past my dining room window every day.  They even sometimes knock on my door asking for cookies (and popsicles) and it breaks my heart when I have to […]

Buttery Buttermilk Biscuits


Rarely do I complain on the blog about my new living situation here in Mississippi.  I’m not even sure I have shared much about it with you.  Here’s the long story made short:  We owned a newer 2,600 square foot home in California, located in a safe cookie cutter neighborhood.  The house had a large […]

Mediterranean Wrap


This Mediterranean Wrap provides a healthy and fast lunch with pesto, sun-dried tomatoes, leafy greens and other fresh ingredients topped with a sprinkling of feta cheese. Earlier this year, when I was in Orlando, I fell in love.  In fact, it was love at first bite.  I’m talking about the Mediterranean wrap I ate at […]

DIY Homemade Chocolate Wafers


I have big plans for these cookies.  Not only are chocolate wafers amazing as is, they can be used in many variations.  My first batch of these were kept in the freezer, waiting for me to munch on them…pretty much daily…until they were gone.  Then, I went crazy and made these… The hubs gets excited […]

Pepper Jack and Double Olive Pita Pizza


When I came across this recipe to test, I didn’t have high expectations.  A pizza that was heavily topped with olives?  Hmmmm…it didn’t sound all that amusing.  But, was I proven wrong!  Surprisingly, the combination of the pepper jack cheese, two different kinds of olives, and a sprinkling of diced bell peppers really works into […]

Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream Bar Dessert


This, my friends, is one of our favorite desserts.  It’s a favorite for Ben, because he is in love with anything that has to do with chocolate and peanut butter.  It’s a favorite for me, because I also share a love for the chocolate and peanut butter combo, but more importantly, this is one heck-uhva […]

Cinnamon Chocolate Pound Cake


Otherwise known as “Mexican Chocolate Pound Cake”, this just might be the dessert you’re looking to serve this Cinco de Mayo.  But, consider it also as a breakfast option.  Last Saturday morning, during a visit to Starbucks, I ordered their (unfortunately seasonal) Cinnamon Chocolate bread that was very similar to this.  And, yes, I ate […]

Five-Minute Banana Ice Cream with Biscoff Swirls


You read that title right.  In fact, it might take you less than five minutes to make this ice cream.  We first introduced this quick and healthy banana ice cream recipe in Chunky Monkey form last summer.  But, for the last few months, instead of loading it with walnuts and peanut butter, I’ve simply swirled […]

Layered Mediterranean Dip


Last weekend, Ben’s parents came for a visit and I wanted to make a couple of healthier recipes for their enjoyment. Although I didn’t get a chance to make everything I planned, I did ensure that this hummus based dip hit the table, alongside a falafel dish.  I was waiting for their visit before trying […]

Potato, Gouda and Candied Bacon Pizza


Wow, it’s been a whirlwind of a week here at our home, and I’m going to leave you this weekend with a whirlwind of a recipe!  My friend, Jamie, over at Sweet Tea & Taters (don’t you love that catchy title?) shared this pizza recently and I bookmarked it right away.  Honestly, she had me […]

Milkaholic Baby Shower


Last August (yes, that was over 6 months ago), I threw two baby showers that I haven’t had the chance to share with you yet.  I planned on giving you a recap in September, but then Labor Day happened, traveling happened, Thanksgiving happened, Christmas happened, and finally, moving to Mississippi happened.  Why the delay after […]

Classic Egg Salad Sandwich


This is one of my favorite childhood sandwiches.  Although I had made egg salad sandwiches for Ben and I a few times in our *almost* seven years of marriage, I never followed a recipe and just mixed some boiled eggs with a dollop of mayo and a squirt of mustard.  I just threw the eggs […]